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A Day in the Life of a Silverliner: Kathy Brown

A Day in the Life

kathyWho: Kathy Brown

Position: Solution Architect

Employee Since: January 2015

Fun Fact: I love Superman

What is your position at Silverline?

I am a Solution Architect, which means a lot of things. Sometimes, I act as a Project Manager or try to step in as a Technical Architect. I get involved in scoping on the sales side because I have experience with marketing automation. I’ll occasionally get on calls that involve marketing automation platforms for a scoping perspective, and help write the follow-up SOW.

Where were you before Silverline?

I worked at another software company called Delivera, which is an email service provider.

How did you find out about Silverline and your current position?

I found Silverline through Linkedin.

How would you describe your average day?

I work remotely, and I have a small son at home so I don’t stay home because I would just want to play with him all the time. I have an office space outside of my home, and I usually head out around 7:30 am. I work in my office pretty much all day and I really try and stay focused for the full day. I head home around 4:00 pm which allows me to be home with my son and cook dinner. I will occasionally pop back online to finish up some work in the evening after my son goes to bed, but I try really hard to just focus all day and get everything done so that I can devote the evening to my family.

What motivates you at work?

I like to learn new things and solve problems in the simplest way possible and explain complex topics to people in a way that they really understand. I really enjoy when I get the opportunity to help a company solve a complicated problem by interpreting a client’s needs into Salesforce language in order to design a solution to their problem and make it easy for the client. I always try to take a unique approach to every problem and learn something different and design something new each time.

What do you like most about the work you do?

I really enjoy when clients have that “ah-ha” moment and figure out how something works. I love that moment when all of the pieces come together and you get to see your design in the hands of the users and the users engaging with the solution.

What are some challenges you face?

As a remote employee, I have to put extra effort into building relationships with my coworkers. I try really hard to have a connection at the office and not feel remote, and that can be challenging.

What is your favorite perk that Silverline offers?

As a remote employee, I sometimes feel like I don’t get to take advantage of some of the cool perks that Silverline offers, but one thing I really loved was the Christmas party. It was so great that Silverline got everyone together in one place, and it gave the remote employees a chance to get to know everyone better.

What is your favorite memory at Silverline?

I have a lot of fun memories from traveling with my coworkers. I’ve been working with the same team of people for a while and we often travel together and make really good memories and develop a great sense of camaraderie.

What do you hope for your future at Silverline?

I think there’s a huge opportunity for Silverline when it comes to marketing automation tools, and I would really like to take more of a role when it comes to scoping and helping Silverline grow that aspect of the business. Salesforce is fun, but Salesforce with Pardot is even better, and I’d love to be involved in that.

What advice would you give a friend who was interested in working at Silverline?

I’d tell them to not be afraid to ask questions. It’s a fast paced environment, and it’s important to be a self-starter and jump in and get involved. Not everything is perfectly planned, and that allows for a lot of creativity. It’s a great place to work if you want to be around super creative people and work really hard.

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