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A Day in the Life: Katrina Lent

A Day in the Life

Job Title: Director of Operations

Start Date: 3/24/2014

Fun Fact: I like to practice aerial yoga!

What is your position at Silverline and what do you do?

I’m the Director of Operations, so I’m lucky enough to do a little bit of everything. My primary focus is supporting the rest of the organization by keeping SIlverline a great place to work; ensuring that we have the systems, tools, policies, and processes in place to operate efficiently and awesomely across the board. I am now also focusing on team alignment and development for the entire Ops Team (which includes IT, Office Management, HR, Finance, L&D, Business Systems and Talent Acquisition) so we can continue to scale and provide excellent service to our clients (Silverline employees) as the company continues to grow.

What does your average day look like?

Is this a trick question? There really isn’t an average day-Silverline keeps me on my toes! I do try to structure things for myself so nothing slips through the cracks. I usually review my emails on the train ride into the city, to see if there is anything urgent and make a note of what I need to follow up on when I get to the office. Once I get to the office, the most important thing is to get a cup of coffee. Then I will check my calendar to see what meetings I have and if there is anything that I need to have prepared. I will usually review our Ops Requests to assign open tickets to the team or follow up on progress and I monitor Slack and Chatter throughout the day to see if there is anything I need to address. I also will try and make myself a list of priorities for the following day before I leave. Occasionally I’ll try to throw in a few walks around the office to stay competitive in our FitBit Workweek Hustle- back and forth from the front of the office to the Training room is an easy 250 steps!

How did you find out about Silverline and your current position?

Our head recruiter reached out to me several times about a new position (Operations Manager). I didn’t have any interest in leaving my current position at the time, but after ignoring her for a couple of weeks I gave her a call to hear more about the opportunity. Silverline sounded great, so I decided to find out more. I interviewed with our COO, Scott Snider, a few days later. At the end of that week, I had the opportunity to present to the founders about how I would add value to the organization based on my previous experience. The rest is history (And Christina forgives me for blowing her off initially)!

What motivates you at work?

I love it when a plan comes together. To see a new system or process working and making things more efficient makes me excited to work on the next project.

What do you like most about your work?

The diversity of projects and initiatives that I have been involved with over the past three years has given me an opportunity to learn new skills and sharpen existing ones. The company has grown so much since I started that I remember setting up and onboarding every new user, which is probably about ⅔ of the company at this point, maybe more. I really feel like the work that I’ve done has visibly contributed to how the company is operating today.

What are some challenges you face?

My motto for work has always been: “If I am doing my job right, no one should notice that I am doing anything at all.” But as a service department, it can be challenging to keep people motivated if the only feedback they get from outside the team is when something is broken or doesn’t work right, even though it’s a great sign that they’ve been killing it – so people expect things to be perfect (Ops you rock, if I haven’t told you lately)!

What new things have you learned since you began working at Silverline?

I’ve learned so much in the past three years! First of all: Salesforce. I had to come up to speed fast to work in our org and do some of the admin tasks required. Trailhead is a tool I would recommend to everyone interested in learning how to use SFDC. Most recently I had the opportunity to learn all about SOC reporting and NIST compliance. That’s one of the great things about working here, you always have an opportunity to learn something new.

What do you think makes Silverline a successful company?

Everyone is really good at what they do, but they are always striving to be better.

What is your favorite perk?

I love our office, but my favorite perk is the ability to work from home. I live outside of the city, so having a day or two that I don’t have to face the commute feels pretty luxurious, especially if there is bad weather. It’s also great for me if I am working on a big project that requires some “heads down” time, being able to work from home allows me to maximize my productivity.

What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory is the first day everyone came to work in the new office. Getting to see everyone’s reactions was great after all the hard work that went into planning and managing the construction and the move.

What do you hope for your future at Silverline?

I hope to continue expanding my skillset and improving our processes. I am particularly looking forward to automating more of our processes where we can and having the slickest new hire onboarding in town.

If you had a friend who was thinking about working for Silverline, what advice would you give them?

If you can safely call yourself a self-starter, can communicate effectively and manage multiple priorities, go for it! Silverliners work hard, but they play hard, too.

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