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Salesforce Analytics Cloud: Ride the Wave with Silverline

Analytics Cloud

Ever since Salesforce’s announcement of their new product Salesforce Analytics Cloud, also called Wave, at Dreamforce ’14, I have been eager to start using the elegant analytics application. After attending the Brown Belt Analytics Cloud training hosted by Salesforce, I finally got my hands on a Wave Org.

The first thing I wanted to do with Salesforce Analytics Cloud was test out one of its main features: near instant processing of massive datasets. With this goal I built one of our most successful uses for Wave which is our AppExchange Usage Metrics Dashboard. Previously Silverline utilized Salesforce’s Usage Metrics Application to gather insights about our popular products: CalendarAnything and The WaterCooler. This application imposed limitations, however, such as: 30 day limit, minimal chart functionality, and slow speeds. The usage metrics application also produces 25,000 rows everyday which was quickly filling up space and the application wasn’t able to process at all for large date ranges.  Salesforce Wave provided large storage, lightning fast speeds, and high customizability, which provided a perfect solution for our usage metric data.

So far Analytics Cloud has helped our product team uncover clients using outdated versions, Visualforce pages causing high load times, and trends in product usage over the calendar year.

Check out the image below to view Silverline’s Usage Metric Dashboard Attributes including:

  • Usage over the calendar year
  • Number of unique users per organization
  • Number of times Visualforce Pages accessed
  • Visualforce page load times
  • Number of records per Custom Object
  • Number of records per organization

Salesforce Wave has already had a huge impact within Silverline and we are excited to explore new and interesting applications for our clients. Learn more about Analytics Cloud and how Silverline can get you up and running on Analytics Cloud.

Wave Screenshot


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