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Author: Kathleen Ferrie

Salesforce and Informatica Webinar: Driving Value at Hilliard Lyons

Financial Services

Strengthening client relationships is on everyone’s minds these days. But how?

With several different investment products out there, it can be quite confusing to the average investor on what’s best for them. Firms that cater to their clients in a timely manner are the ones most likely to win a bigger book of business. But getting deeper customer insights is often hampered by the inability to integrate systems together.

In order to maintain an advantage in the highly competitive Wealth Management market, many leading-edge organizations are investing in cloud platforms that give them scalability to offer better tools, apps, and services. These platforms facilitate rapid deployment of customer-facing apps that are mobile and device agnostic with decreased infrastructure costs.

DealerTrack Success Story

Client News

Re-engineering business processes through automation.


Established in 2001, Dealertrack and its web-based software solutions and services enhance efficiency and profitability for all major segments of the automotive retail industry, including dealers, lenders, OEMs, third-party retailers, agents, and aftermarket providers.

Dealertrack operates the largest online credit application network in North America. In addition, Dealertrack’s award-winning solution set for dealers is the industry’s most comprehensive including a Dealer Management System (DMS); Inventory, Sales/F&I, and Digital Marketing; a web-based network for arranging vehicle transportation and shipping; electronic motor vehicle registration and titling applications; paper title storage; and digital document services.


Dealertrack originally implemented over 10 years ago, and has grown substantially over the years through multiple acquisitions. Integrating the employees, products, services, operations, systems, and processes of acquired companies resulted in disjointed data and complex processes. In addition, employees submitted requests to admins who made changes without a clear vision across the organization.

Dealertrack’s agents were using up-to four separate systems to perform a single phone call, and their knowledge base and wiki were not integrated into Salesforce. Customer Service reps also had limited ability to see customer specific alerts and it took excessive clicks in order to find information necessary to work a case.

Dealertrack needed a standardized process to easily acquire and integrate new companies, product lines, and sales people into while tightly integrating with their SAP, Production environment, and IVR systems.

Silverline and PURE Build a Premier Customer Experience

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Learn how PURE is delighting customers, disrupting the market, and building loyalty with Salesforce.


Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE) is a policyholder-owned insurer dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for responsible high net worth individuals and families.  The PURE product suite includes best-in-class, customizable coverage throughout the U.S for high-value homes, automobiles, jewelry, art, personal umbrella liability, watercraft, and flood.


At PURE, a top business priority is to create what they call an ‘exceptional member experience’, one that produces member (policyholder) enthusiasm that will yield lasting growth through word of mouth. PURE began using Net Promoter Score® (NPS) to benchmark that enthusiasm and identify ways to create greater value for the membership.

Segmenting PURE’s NPS proved that they create an extraordinary level of enthusiasm and loyalty through the claim process, but that claimants yearn for even more ‘real-time’ information. They also observed that members who never experienced a claim while with PURE generally weren’t as enthusiastic as those who did, prompting them to invest in enhancing non-claim interactions and communication. Finally, a disproportionate share of PURE’s membership is among the 49% of U.S. adults that connect regularly to the internet via three or more devices, and that they needed to better serve them on whatever device they choose.

PURE wanted a secure private member portal to provide members with online access to vital services and information, all from one location. PURE teamed with Silverline to create a member portal to:

  • Support PURE’s commitment to deliver the single best service experience members will ever have;
  • Provide 24/7 access to important information and documents (i.e., policies, invoices, and insurance ID cards) in a secure, responsive, mobile-friendly online environment;
  • Make it easy for members to conveniently manage their coverage portfolio for all policies in a single place;
  • Address the top 20 member service issues and questions, thereby improving member experience while reducing service call volume;
  • Encourage even more members to ‘go paperless’;
  • Eliminate confusion associated with the billing process; and,
  • Enhance the claims process with a transformational level of transparency, real-time information, and human-centric options.

Top 10 Summer ‘14 Features for Financial Services



Silverline was the proud host and sponsor of another great Financial Services Salesforce User Group. After some food, drinks, and networking (and a few technical difficulties as we learn how to use our A/V equipment in our new office) we heard from Cheryl Feldman, Business Systems Analyst at S&P Capital IQ and Roger Mitchell, Solution Architect at Silverline on the Top 10 Summer ‘14 Features for Financial Services.

Let’s get started with the countdown:

6 Ways Salesforce Communities Will Transform Your Business



Clients now expect 24/7 access to important information in a secure, responsive, mobile-friendly online environment. To provide constant coverage, your firm doesn’t need an around the clock service team.

There is a better way to provide client information and generate collaboration between employees, customers, and advocates using Salesforce communities. So, what are some ways a Salesforce community can benefit your business?

Silverline helps Michigan Health Information Network put the care back into healthcare with Salesforce

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Improving healthcare and reducing costs is on everyone’s minds these days. But how? Learn how MiHIN made it easier for the state’s healthcare professionals to get the information they need when they need it to eliminate inefficiencies and improve care.


The Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) is Michigan’s initiative to continuously improve healthcare quality, efficiency, and patient safety by promoting secure, electronic exchange of health information through the MiHIN Health Information Services Cloud™ (HISC). MiHIN represents a growing network of public and private organizations working to overcome data sharing barriers, reduce costs, and ultimately advance the health of Michigan’s population.


MiHIN builds connections between every healthcare provider in the state to help doctors better understand patient needs. They were looking for a modern solution to support this data, built quickly and efficiently, that was scalable and could evolve with a changing healthcare landscape. 

The agency uses Salesforce to make it easier for the state’s healthcare professionals to get the information they need when they need it to eliminate inefficiencies and improve care.

We've moved!

Silverline News


Today is an exciting day for Silverline, it’s our first day in our shiny new office! Our new office is housed in a historic building, located in the Northwest corner of Union Square. Fun Fact: Andy Warhol’s third studio, The Factory, was in 860 Broadway as well! 

The fifth floor has been transformed into modern, airy office which incorporates contemporary design with unique features from the building’s heritage. Our new office will allow Silverline to accommodate our clients more effectively and efficiently, with advanced technology and green initiatives to better serve both clients and employees.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our new office soon!


Silverline Achieves Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer Certification

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Salesforce Product Development Parnter

Salesforce has accepted Silverline into it’s Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) program. So what does it mean to be a PDO? It means that we know the Salesforce platform inside and out.

Our kick-ass development team has previously created and supported our own 3 top apps, and we are already working with others on their apps. Whether you have a full design for a new software product, or just a great idea in your head, we are ready to help you turn it into reality.

“We are thrilled to become a Product Development Partner,” said Gireesh Sonnad, Founder and Partner Silverline. “It reflects our continued dedication to the Salesforce Community and to providing innovative and exciting products and services.”


Financial Services

Press Release 

Silverline taps into the power of to help accelerate business transformation in the Wealth Management Industry

New York, NY – May 30, 2014 – Today, Silverline announced it has joined the Salesforce Fullforce initiative, empowering companies in Wealth Management to connect with their clients in a whole new way. Silverline’sFullforce certification for its Wealth Management Solution enables clients to tap into the power of social, mobile and connected cloud technologies to accelerate their success.

Understanding the Different Salesforce User Licenses

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Overwhelmed by the many license types that offers? To help you understand the different options, we wanted to provide a summary of the license types available to you below:

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