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A Day in the Life: Chloe Frank

A Day in the Life

Job Title: Associate Business Analyst
Start Date:  July 16th, 2018
Fun Fact: I danced in a Mardi Gras Krewe in New Orleans for 3 years!

What is your position at Silverline and what do you do?

I’m a Business Analyst in a supporting role for the Delivery Team to help strategize and implement Salesforce for our clients.

What does your average day look like?

I have to get cold brew ASAP! As part of the Silverline Academy, I usually had a stand-up meeting in the morning and then I would meet with the mock project team and start working on solutions for the mock project. Sometimes I would shadow a project for the Engagement Manager, work on Salesforce Trailheads, and prepare for my Salesforce Administrative Certification exam.

How did you find out about Silverline and your current position?

My friend and mentor Ravi Prakash was adamant about me learning Salesforce. Then he recommended I apply to the Silverline Academy. He raved about Silverline and his time here as a Solution Architect.

What motivates you at work?

What motivates me is the opportunity and investment given by Silverline to learn as much as I can about Salesforce.

What do you like most about your work?

There is a culture centered around learning more and figuring out ways to innovate and even the people who are here at the height of their career are still hungry to improve.

What are some challenges you face?

Learning the ins and outs of Salesforce—there are a lot of challenges that come from it.

What new things have you learned since you began working at Silverline?

So many things! I have learned so much about Salesforce, more than I could have ever imagined. I have also realized that problems my clients had from my previous company are similar to the problems clients have at Silverline.

What is your favorite perk?

Free lunch on Wednesdays!

What is your favorite memory?

Ax throwing. Everyone in the Silverline Academy went, and it was such a fun experience. I am not athletic, so I usually have PTSD in group activities like this that remind me of dodgeball days in gym class. I was surprised at how good everyone was at this (including myself).

What do you hope for your future at Silverline?

I hope that I can become an integral part of the team and contribute to the team’s success, and that the opportunities to grow do not slow down.

If you had a friend who was thinking about working for Silverline, what advice would you give them?

I would tell them to apply and be themselves in all of their interactions in the interview process.  

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