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A Day in the Life: Jim Rogers

By 05.31.19 Jim Rogers
Reading time: 2 minutes

Job Title: Director of Healthcare Practice
Start Date:
 February 2017

What is a fun fact or something interesting about yourself?

I own five cars, from 1930 to 2018 model years, with a combined 2000 horsepower!

What is your position at Silverline?

I’m a Director in our Healthcare Practice focused on healthcare providers. I bring subject matter expertise and best practices to healthcare provider opportunities. I help healthcare organizations transform their patient engagement with Salesforce Health Cloud solutions.

What does your average day look like?

I don’t have an average day. I could be traveling to a client onsite or meeting with clients remotely. I also have conversations with clients to walk through their cases and discover the most successful methods to engage with patients. On new project kickoffs, I work with the delivery team to relay the client use cases and how they will translate to Health Cloud. I also enable Salesforce Account Executives and RVPs, educating them on healthcare use cases. Lastly, there are POVs, presentation decks, use cases, and blog posts to be written.

How did you find out about Silverline and your current position?

I asked around within the Salesforce ecosystem who the best partner for Healthcare was and people overwhelmingly recommended Silverline!

What motivates you at work?

The same thing that has motivated me for the past 22 years as a registered nurse. I am a patient advocate and I want to create a better patient experience with better health outcomes for patients. I now help healthcare organizations across the country do this with Salesforce Health Cloud.

What are some interesting challenges you face?

Often, some dysfunction within healthcare organizations with great external reputations. Many have good outcomes, despite a lack of tools and data. However, they can be so much better.

What new things have you learned since you began working at Silverline?

It can be difficult to hire quality technical and delivery teams and keep them aligned with similar projects in one industry.

What do you think makes Silverline successful?

I think it’s the focus on industry verticals like Financial Services and Healthcare. Silverline is able to get a deep understanding of those and deliver best-in-class solutions.

What is your favorite perk?

Working remotely!

What is your favorite memory from working at Silverline?

Every time that Matt Gretczko, the Sr. Vice President & GM for Healthcare, takes us out to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants in NYC. He’s a foodie.

What do you hope for your future at Silverline?

To continue to make a difference with healthcare organizations and be recognized as a leader in that space!

What advice would you give someone considering a job at Silverline?

Pick an industry and focus on that; don’t be a generalist. Try to get a deep understanding of the client’s goals when you are moving from project to project and find the industry that best fits your career path.


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