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A Day In The Life: John Kollmer

A Day in the Life

Job Title: Business Analyst, Internal Systems
Start Date: November 2017
Fun Fact: In my spare time, I am a playwright and fight director.

What is your position at Silverline and what do you do?

I am part of the Operations team and my focus is on keeping our internal Salesforce instance running smoothly.

What does your average day look like?

It’s a mix of helping my colleagues with requests — such as needing reports/dashboards or feature enhancements — to planning meetings and development for future large-scale improvements to our systems.

How did you find out about Silverline and your current position?

I was approached by the wonderful Talent Acquisition team. After that first phone call, I did some more research and what I found confirmed that this was the place for me.

What motivates you at work?

Helping my colleagues do their jobs. I’m a Hufflepuff, so I love to help others succeed.

What do you like most about your work?

The variety. At any one time, I have 3-4 different types of requests in the queue from which to choose.

What are some challenges you face?

When developing a new tool/feature, our team has to make sure that we do our best to make it easy to maintain as Silverline continues to expand. It’s a fun challenge and keeps me thinking creatively.

What new things have you learned since you began working at Silverline?

Tons. The support for continued education was made clear from the start. I’m almost a Ranger on Trailhead now and will easily attain that rank by the end of the month.

What do you think makes Silverline a successful company?

The leadership’s focus on making it a place where people want to work. I’ve worked at a few companies over the years and this is the first time I’ve worked somewhere that has such an overt interest in investing in their people.

What is your favorite perk?

Bagel Fridays are pretty great.

What is your favorite memory?

One day a couple coworkers and I were talking about our Hogwarts Houses, and within minutes of the conversation, a new Slack channel was created for all the Hufflepuffs to hang out and talk about silly stuff.

What do you hope for your future at Silverline?

Keep learning, keep growing, and use those skills to help my teammates continue to be fantastic.

If you had a friend who was thinking about working for Silverline, what advice would you give them?

Be honest about what you want in your career. Even if your ideal role isn’t available when you initially contact Silverline, keep in touch because new roles can open up at any time and there might just be one that’s perfect for you.

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