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Author: Adam Lowry

10 Keys to Successful Digital Transformation: Data Obsessed


When we refer to data obsession, we’re referring to key data requirements relating to data quality, mastering of data, and change management centered around master data activities. The goal is to prepare your data to be moved, shared, consumed, and analyzed. This plan should include a strategy for accountability for managing data architecture, hygiene, and stewardship. Establishing a “single source of truth” for key data elements is where a powerhouse data-driven solution flexes its potential…
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Using Data to Grow Your Business: The Concentric Circle of CRM

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Whether you’re already invested in a CRM like Salesforce or you’re interested in developing a new roadmap to success, a data plan is important in order to build a robust platform that accomplishes your goals and objectives and maximizes your investment. Over 17 years spanning hundreds of data projects; I’ve seen rushed analytical initiatives miss out on core customer data collection points resulting in millions in lost revenue and a decline in market share. For…
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