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Author: John Kollmer

How My Human Complexity Makes Me a Better Consultant Advocate

Around the Office

I wear many hats in the world, all of which influence one another in various ways. At Silverline, I am a Consultant Advocate responsible for supporting a team of consultants on their projects and in their careers. In the Salesforce ecosystem, I am a Certified Admin and App Builder with seven plus years experience as both a client-facing consultant and an internal system administrator. In the larger realm of STEM, I am an Android user,…
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Spring ’18 Release Highlights for Salesforce Admins!

Help & Training

As a Salesforce Admin, your job is a balancing act. You’ve got to maintain the health and efficiency of your company’s Salesforce org while also supporting the myriad of needs (and wishlists) from your colleagues. It’s with those challenges in mind that I pored over the release notes for Spring ‘18 and picked out five items that will make the life of all admins just a wee bit easier. Let’s dig in: To kick things…
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