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Quick Cybersecurity Tricks You Should Do Now

Help & Training

As a technology company that serves some of the most highly regulated industries, Silverline is always working to mature our awareness and security initiatives. So of course, we want to celebrate October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month by sharing some simple tips and tricks to help up your security game.   Passwords I know you’ve heard it before, but a strong password is the simplest and strongest tool you have to stay safe online. Think…
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Around the Office: Silverline Summit 2015

Around the Office

Once a year Silverliners from all over the country gather for an event we call the Silverline Summit. This year, we held our 4th annual summit at our NYC headquarters. The event was an opportunity to pause and reflect on lessons learned from 2014, celebrate our successes and align as a company on our goals for the coming year. Over the course of two days we covered a lot of great content and heard presentations from across the…
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Around the Office: Silverline’s First Health Fair!

Around the Office

Silverline is a happenin’ place and I’m here to tell you all about it! I’m happy to kick-off a new blog series called “Around the Office.” In this series, Silverliners will be sharing all of the fun and inspiring things we are doing to make Silverline a great place to work

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