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Author: Matt Gretczko

Turning Intranets Social for Healthcare



One of the many complexities of Healthcare is balancing priorities to achieve business goals.  How to treat patients as patients, not customers? How to meet technical, business, and clinical needs all at the same time? How to achieve provider and patient engagement? How to deliver a higher quality of care at a lower cost? The list goes on.

Regardless of corporate priorities, resources at healthcare organizations have to balance their own responsibilities as well. The most successful organizations (or at least those in high-demand) seek to provide applications, services, and products to its employees that help them more efficiently operate in the business environment and drive higher engagement. There are many models, but some of the most successful embed “social” into daily operations.

How? Enter the social intranet.

VCs are investing heavily in Healthcare



$6.4 billion. That’s the amount of funding that VCs pumped into Healthcare in 2013 according to CB insights. Granted, 67% of that funding went to Medical Devices, Drug Development, and Biotech. Still, that leaves a lot of money for the other segments.

Investing in Healthcare is becoming extremely lucrative; so lucrative in fact, organizations that historically focused on delivering clinical care have developed their own VC arms. This is a unique business model shift – so what is the value of such investments?

Seizing the Opportunity for Transformative Change in Healthcare



As individuals, we all have that issue, topic, or subject that truly drives us. In most instances, this is an item unrelated to your career and thus requires the unique balance of one’s professional and personal life. However, if you are lucky enough to operate in an environment where these interests align, it tends to breed an escalated passion.

The Healthcare industry is seeing an infusion of people that have this escalated passion. Couple this passion with innovative platforms and applications, and the opportunity to deliver truly transformative change can be realized. This fundamentally alters the way that healthcare is delivered in the United States, from administration and delivery, to prevention and education.

Technology plays a large part in facilitating this change.

7 Tips to Create an Awesome Wellness Program



As wellness becomes a more formal staple within the Healthcare landscape, and business environment, we are hearing from clients and participants of wellness programs about the components that would truly enhance their experience.

Given our role as a cloud solution company, we then start thinking about wellness not just from a process and health information standpoint, but also from the technology angle. So what are some of the cool things that are possible?

Below is a brief list of some of the exciting things that technology can help promote in wellness to design truly immersive and engaging programs.

Are Mobile Applications Useful in Healthcare?


Cloud computing and mobility concept

I am not an avid Apple product user, but the line “there’s an app for that” (which I believe they ultimately trademarked) holds true in most circumstances.

Recently, it seems that new apps with the most publicity do not solely focus on novel solutions to problems, instead they represent modifications to prior concepts and do it with a snazzier UI, greater efficiency, or just a more robust offering.

As mobility and apps become the go-to method for data collection, interaction, and communication, it becomes more critical that apps actually deliver on their proposed value proposition – especially in Healthcare. Within Healthcare, there is a tremendous influx of mobile health apps, further magnified by wearables, that allow users to track health data – heart rate, steps, BMI, check-ins, calorie trackers, etc. Check out this infographic for some staggering and insightful statistics. Who knew there were 97k + apps related to health and fitness?!

This suggests that greater access to data and information leads to better results. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Data is only as good as its utilization.

The Virtual Water Cooler


Busines colleagues talking around water cooler

Technology has a unique ability to replace the most classic items, even within the kitchen of your office. How many offices still maintain a standard coffee brewer? Not many I’m sure. It is not because the classic brewer (from entry level to gourmet) is inherently flawed; it’s because the Keurig and Nespresso’s of the world offer a compelling value statement. They have figured out how to completely transform a global, multi-billion dollar market through a unique delivery mechanism. The introduction of a pod based component to serve up tea, coffee, hot chocolate or a variety of other refreshments in an extremely short timeframe is not only more efficient, but offers tremendous flexibility in flavor options.

Silverline Helps Launch the First Salesforce Healthcare User Group


We are proud to announce Silverline is the official sponsor of the Salesforce Healthcare User Group! The group will kick off its inaugural meeting on August 21st click here to register to attend the event.

The purpose of the group is to facilitate collaboration and empower members of the Salesforce Healthcare Community. Future meetings will cover a variety of issues, including:

  • Implementation of portals and social intranets
  • Clinical provider scheduling
  • Health information networks
  • Online/offline assessments and forms
  • Integration to/from legacy data sources
  • Mobile apps
  • Quality and outcomes reporting
  • Wellness programs
  • Patient and provider customer service tools
  • And much more!




Every news channel is covering the issues that were revealed at the VA – boil it all down, there appears to have been secret “wait-lists” that masked the amount of time Vets waited to receive care so that the numbers looked better. This has potentially led to deaths, misdiagnoses, and also truly ineffective care coordination. Terrible.

Healthcare Companies are now Technology Companies – Really.


Healthcare Technology

In order to maintain a competitive advantage in the constantly evolving healthcare market, many organizations are investing in technology platforms that give them scalability to offer better tools, apps, and services. Even more intriguing is that these same organizations are diversifying their business model to offer up these services to other healthcare organizations and non-customers/patients.

Leverage the Cloud for Unique, Impactful Solutions in Healthcare


Healthcare Cloud

According to an article on entitled “Healthcare finally warming to the Cloud”, which references Imprivata’s 2013 Desktop Virtualization Trends in Healthcare Report, it notates that only 30% of respondents were using the cloud. That’s a 21% increase over the prior year, but that still leaves 70% of healthcare organizations floating beneath the cloud, mainly due to lagging fear or uncertainty. This is changing.

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