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Author: Paige Thompson

4 Ways to Improve Your Salesforce Org Instead of Reinventing It


We’ve all experienced it. We all loath it. You know, that feeling when: The edits you just spent 30 minutes on don’t save and your browser crashes You invent and refine a product only to research it and find that it already exists As you complete a data upload, you realize someone else already made the changes Face it — we all hate duplicate work, particularly when it comes to Salesforce. If you knew that…
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May the (Sales)Force be with You! 3 Reasons You Need Jedi-Quality Support


Star Wars is debatably the best example of a saga that bridges the genres of fantasy and Sci-Fi. It takes place a long time ago (fantasy)… in a galaxy far, far away (Sci-Fi). The movies employ spaceships and weapons (Sci-Fi), but it also uses the magical force which pulses throughout the universe waiting to be channelled (fantasy). Similarly, the majority of the Salesforce ecosystem exists at the intersection of people and technology, as well as…
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