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Author: Tony McCune

10 Keys Series: Intentionally Innovative Digital Transformation


The Balancing Act Between Problem Solving and Intentional Innovation Innovation is one of the reasons why we’ve achieved such incredible progress as a society. Progress, both incremental and exponential, has given us everything from the light bulb and telephone to the printing press and the internet. In my 28 years in technology and consulting, across all industries and using multiple technology platforms, every project I’ve worked on has started with a problem in need of…
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Digital Transformation Begins With the Customer: Five Keys for Building a Successful CRM Roadmap

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Business leaders are becoming increasingly aware that they must embrace digital transformation to remain competitive. This can mean a number of things depending on the organizational maturity and marketplace. One thing it always includes is the idea of leveraging cloud technology to become more customer-centric. Cloud-based CRM has emerged as the platform of choice for a 360-degree view of customers and customer interaction. It is no longer the domain of sales alone, the entire organization…
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