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Author: Vadim Yerokhin

June MuleSoft Meetup Recap: Insurance


This summer, the NYC MuleSoft Meetup group met at the Salesforce Tower to focus on MuleSoft’s role in the Insurance space. Following a brief networking dinner of pizza and drinks, insightful presentations were delivered. Topics covered the caveats of implementing MuleSoft when your enterprise has complex requirements and structure, as well as how to inspire your API use cases from your goals instead of reactively from your needs. Highlights of the three talks at the…
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How to Boost Your Business with AI Feedback Loops

Data and Integrations

In the past few years, it’s become apparent that nearly every industry has begun reaping the benefits of data science. However, only a small minority of businesses are capitalizing on these breakthroughs. Why is it that the few rather than the many have been able to successfully realize an ROI on their data? The reasons are multifold, including: An internal data science practice is expensive and difficult to organize Companies may not have the data…
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Dreamforce Takeaways for Developers


I was very impressed with the Dreamforce Developers Keynote. They had a top-to-bottom demonstration of the new capabilities developers can use to drive what’s most important to them: users using their products. In this post, I will focus on the major takeaways from the keynote around making Apps with Lightning and Einstein. To set the ground on what matters to developers, they describe key metrics of adoption success: Daily Active Users and Monthly Active Users.…
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