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Syncing Made Simple: Sync Your Salesforce Calendar with Outlook and Google Calendars

By 09.16.20
Reading time: 3 minutes

Have you ever missed an important meeting because your Salesforce calendars weren’t in sync on your tablet, laptop, or mobile devices? Personally, it has happened to me on several occasions and it’s embarrassing to say the least. With the shift towards a virtual world during the pandemic, calendars have become increasingly important. In a world where we expect accurate and real time information at our fingertips, “my calendars didn’t sync” is not a valid excuse. 

Future-looking businesses are rightfully investing in a 360-degree view of client and employee interactions through email and calendar synchronization tools to improve their growth, profitability, and retention. If you haven’t started to invest in these resources, there is no better time than now. 

With the power of CalendarAnything and Riva, you’ll never miss a meeting again. 

What’s CalendarAnything?

I’m so glad you asked! CalendarAnything is a Salesforce native app that allows you to visualize any standard or custom objects on the calendar. Organizations nowadays are looking for innovative ways to visualize their data in a way that makes sense for them. Oftentimes these organizations find that the standard Salesforce calendar has many limitations, and doesn’t allow them to visualize the data effectively. So when we say CalendarAnything, we mean it.

CalendarAnything gives you complete control over what you can display on the calendar and the way you relate those calendars to other data you want to see. Not only can you visualize this data in a calendar view, but you can also create, edit, and delete Salesforce records straight on the calendar UI. The tool also has additional features like drag and drop, color coding, filter sets, grouping, and a plethora of views available with a simple click. 

And what about Riva?

Riva is a trusted platform for CRM, calendar, and inbox syncing. Riva’s solution delivers real-time calendar updates between Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Gmail — and syncing your Salesforce calendar can take place automatically. Riva’s integration solution is transparent, automatic, and effective in merging your email and calendar data together across all systems. 

With always-on, two-way synchronization of calendar appointments, tasks, notes, phone calls, contacts, leads, and accounts, the possibilities become endless. 

Sync individual Google and Outlook Calendars with your Salesforce Calendar

CalendarAnything clients love having a more customizable alternative to the Salesforce Lightning Calendar that they can use within the Salesforce platform. But one of the most common questions we hear from them is “how do I sync my calendar data with Outlook or Google?” 

End users often want their personal Outlook or Google calendar as their main calendar while making sure all of those events are syncing with Salesforce. Though CalendarAnything itself is not a synchronization solution, our partnership with Riva has made both Google and Salesforce calendars, and Outlook and Salesforce calendars a reality. 

So whether you’re hoping to sync your Outlook Calendar with Salesforce or you’re looking for an easy Salesforce Google Calendar sync — we’ve got you covered.

Increasing Salesforce adoption

One of the biggest problems with adoption is the need to force people to use a system they are not familiar with. When you have a diehard Outlook fan (you know who you are) that lives and breathes in Microsoft, getting them to enter information in Salesforce is not always easy. When you pair our dynamic visualization solution with a powerful synchronization solution like Riva, the magic starts to happen. Your team gets capability that boosts user adoption and allows for overall proper metric reporting. 

Riva’s integration solution allows that same user to work from the tool they are most comfortable with, increasing adoption, while ensuring that the data is captured and synced to Salesforce where leadership can actually report on it. Oh, and did I mention that it can sync both ways? 

CalendarAnything + Riva = Salesforce calendar syncing made easy

We know that many clients struggle with data. Inputting it, keeping it healthy and clean, rocking it to sleep at night can all become burdensome. A visualization tool is rendered useless if you’re not capturing the data. 

CalendarAnything and Riva allow you to do this and then some. The powerful visualization of your Salesforce data through CalendarAnything coupled with Riva integration provides better Salesforce adoption, higher productivity, and accurate data in a centralized harmonious network between systems. 

Interested in seeing Salesforce Calendar Sharing in action? Contact us to discuss all the ways we can Calendar anything for you.

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