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4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Intranet Solution

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A recent study from Harvard Business Review reveals that attributes of top performing companies include: collaboration, honesty, innovation and agility. With the right intranet solution, you can strengthen these aspects of your business. Here are 4 things to consider when choosing an intranet platform:

Top 5 Apps for Salesforce Consultants

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Although there is an endless supply of blog posts related to “top apps” on the AppExchange, the goal of this post is to give a more results-driven take on some apps and packages that I, along with some of my peers, go to time and time again. You may know some of these apps already, but hopefully I’ll add some additional “color” around why these apps are so powerful. Most of the apps listed below fill in, what I feel, are gaps in standard Salesforce functionality.

Having worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for a few years now, I have seen an upward trend in apps and packages that write data to Salesforce objects as reference data to define business requirements/processes. Most of the time, the apps use this reference data to make decisions or perform some pre-defined functionality.

Here are the top 5 apps for Salesforce Consultants:

Create a Social Intranet With Embedded Content Your Employees Will Love

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From sneakers to sandwich orders, we’re living in a world where anything can easily be customized to fit your wants and needs. The team at Silverline believes that business applications should be the same. That’s why we built our social intranet app, The WaterCooler, with customization top of mind.

Everyday I help The WaterCooler customers design an intranet to fit their business needs. The app has a Widget Library that helps admins easily create content. One of my favorite widgets is the Embedded Content Widget. Just like the name says, it allows you to embed content directly in The WaterCooler interface. Here are my top picks for embedded content your employees will love:

The Virtual Water Cooler


Busines colleagues talking around water cooler

Technology has a unique ability to replace the most classic items, even within the kitchen of your office. How many offices still maintain a standard coffee brewer? Not many I’m sure. It is not because the classic brewer (from entry level to gourmet) is inherently flawed; it’s because the Keurig and Nespresso’s of the world offer a compelling value statement. They have figured out how to completely transform a global, multi-billion dollar market through a unique delivery mechanism. The introduction of a pod based component to serve up tea, coffee, hot chocolate or a variety of other refreshments in an extremely short timeframe is not only more efficient, but offers tremendous flexibility in flavor options.

CalendarAnything: Popular Use Cases

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CalendarAnything is the most customizable calendar application for Salesforce. Our team at Silverline developed CalendarAnything as a real world solution to our clients’ needs. To date, over 85,000 Salesforce customers use CalendarAnything for a variety of business requirements. AppExchange Meet-up

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Last night Silverline hosted the AppExchange meet-up at our office. It was a lively event with discussions led by group founder Kris Moyse and Mike Kreaden Sr. Director, ISV Success at Salesforce. Topics included:

CalendarAnything New Release – Spring 2014!

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Silverline’s product team is dedicated to constant product improvement. We’re happy to announce the CalendarAnything Spring 2014 is now available on the AppExchange. If you’re new to CalendarAnything, check out the video above to learn more.

New features added to CalendarAnything, the most customizable calendar app for Salesforce, include:

  • Related Objects Fields now available during calendar setup, so you have more flexibility when creating calendars.
  • Filter by Current User/Profile/Team – Display records as the user viewing the calendar and eliminate the need for multiple team calendars.
  • CalendarAnything now works in Communities, enabling calendar sharing with customers and partners.

The WaterCooler New Release – Version 2!

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The WaterCooler Logos

Silverline recently launched Version 2 of our intranet platform, The WaterCooler. Thanks to new functionality, including a library of content widgets and a drag-and-drop layout editor, the intranet is incredibly easy to manage and customize.

Powered by the #1 enterprise social network, Salesforce Chatter, The WaterCooler is transforming the traditional intranet into a collaborative, engaging, and customizable experience. Users are raving:

Silverline Launches The WaterCooler: A Social Intranet Application

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Silverline is proud to announce we’ve launched our newest product, The WaterCooler: A Social Intranet Application. The WaterCooler is a solution to address the workforce’s need for a better intranet experience. The product is user-friendly, mobile, globally accessible and encourages social engagement and productivity.

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