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Lightning Experience Adoption is a Key Push in the Salesforce Summer ‘18 Release

By 05.16.18
Reading time: 2 minutes

If you haven’t made the move to Lightning there has never been a better time. The Lightning transition toolkit is chock full of great tools to help you assess your Lightning readiness. The Lightning Experience Readiness Check is available now and will help you identify Lightning ready users with one-click and will provide a report with actionable trusted guidance on the next steps in rollout. Lightning Visualforce Check will automatically identify any of your Visualforce pages that require changes. Salesforce Optimizer is a powerful tool that will provide guidance on how you can improve features for your users and receive recommendations on how to streamline implementation.

Lightning Experience adoption will be a key push in Summer ‘18. Once per week, users who have access to Lightning but are still in Classic will be automatically switched to Lightning and met with prompts to try the enhanced Lightning interface. The timing and ability to change these prompts can be set by your system administrator. Another new enhancement will be feature prompts in Classic. Let’s say you are working on a task in Classic you may now be met with a prompt that shows you how much easier the same task would be in Lightning.Lightning Experience Adoption is a Key Push in the Salesforce Summer ‘18 Release

These prompts will only appear for specific features like tasks, calendar, or dashboards. This helps the user learn more about the feature in context with what they are actually doing. You can decide which prompts appear and work best for your org’s Lightning Experience rollout process by entering Onboarding & Assistance in the Quick Find box within the Lightning Experience Setup.

Summer ‘18 brings with it some very cool new enhancements for Lightning Experience adoption. Enhancing user experience is a key factor in increasing overall platform adoption and should be a focus for any organization. Interested in learning more about how to roadmap your organization onto the Lightning Experience? Contact us today to speak with our team.

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