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Lightning Strikes with Salesforce’s Winter ’20 release

By 08.10.19
Reading time: 2 minutes

Since trailhead’s release, Silverline has been a big fan of the modules. We’ve learned through our decade of implementation experience and 5 years of lightning implementations/migrations and combed through to find the best of the best. With Salesforce’s announcement that Lightning is being turned on for all orgs as of the Winter ‘20 release, it’s time to get comfortable with the new experience!

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We’ve put together a list of our favourite trails that we recommend for our clients to get them ready to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience. In just under 5 hours, these modules will bring you up to speed on where to find your favourite features from the classic interface in lightning.

Never done a trail before? No problem – there’s a trailhead for that! You can read up on the basics of trailhead here

Lightning Experience for Salesforce Classic Users

Why we love it:

It’s a great welcome into the Lightning Experience! This module covers the basics including navigating, personalizing, and accessing your data within Lightning. We especially love the Classic/Lightning comparison screenshots – our clients love being able to see where they can find their favourite features in the new interface!

Lightning Experience Productivity

Why we love it:

Because who doesn’t want to be more productive? Working with all the added features within Lightning boosts productivity and enables a more collaborative, easy to navigate environment. This trailhead walks you through how to be the most productive you can be by taking advantage of all that Salesforce Lightning Experience has to offer.

Accounts and Contacts for Lightning Experience

Why we love it:

This trailhead offers a great overview of “some of the most important objects in Salesforce”. A quick walk through Salesforce’s definitions of accounts and contacts, a brief cheat sheet on how to track your calls, and a look at customer relationship management best practices makes this short (it’s only 30 minutes!) module well worth your time!

Leads and Opportunities for Lightning Experience

Why we love it:

Building on accounts and contacts, this module dives into how to create and convert leads. It also outlines how to effectively manage opportunities, highlighting the new Path and Kanban functionalities.

Chatter for Lightning Experience

Why we love it:

Salesforce puts it best, saying “Talking in a business is like water in a river. Without the water, no river.” Chatter is everywhere within Salesforce and allows your team to communicate effectively at every level and on every object type. Knowing the differences between Chatter in the Classic vs. Lightning interface will help you and your team be more efficient and effective at communicating. Let’s see that river run!

Like with everything, if you’ve customized your processes and functionality, the basics may not be enough. Shift has worked with many of our clients to help facilitate their transition to Lightning by migrating their org and providing training on the new interface. If you’re looking for help with your migration, or questions on how Lightning can benefit your company, contact us today!

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