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Replacing Google DSM Part 2: The ‘out of the box’ myth

By 09.08.18
Reading time: 2 minutes

Not sure what’s happing with DFP Sales Manager? Here’s what we know so far.

If you’ve been frantically searching for a DFP sales solution, chances are you’ve seen someone offering an “out-of-the-box” replacement. Software vendors are spending thousands daily on search ads, hastily positioning themselves as DSM/XSM replacements when that’s not really what they offer. That’s not to say there aren’t great off-the-shelf options, but even these have major drawbacks, and will still involve training and extensive integration.

Here’s what you need to consider when reviewing any DSM replacement


This is the most obvious issue with WideOrbit, FatTail and other popular options; they’re very expensive. After paying licensing costs in the six-figure range, you may still be spending thousands in recurring fees for licensing, training, and support. When considering any pre-built replacement, find out what the total cost of these extras will be, and don’t assume that the initial estimate will include them.

If you do approach a software vendor directly, be sure to ask what unforeseen costs or issues are common post-adoption. Most reputable companies will be upfront regarding the challenges their customers encounter.

Redundant Features

If you’re already using a CRM, you’ll find that most OMS (Order Management System) and fulfillment features you’re paying for can be handled within your existing software stack. Sure, many solutions integrate with Salesforce, but buying a full solution when you really only need a DFP connector is a little ridiculous, as well as expensive. Before you memorize yet another username and password, consider making the most of what you’re already using.

Salesforce is used by top media companies who need an elegant way to manage everything, as well as smaller organizations with more basic needs. Tailor-made solutions built on a familiar platform provide exactly what you need, while simplifying the adoption process for your team.

Missing Features

Revenue forecasting and recognition is a major concern for media, and surprisingly few solutions offer any real flexibility on how revenue is reported. It’s not the only missing feature, but can be one of the most expensive to add, often requiring custom development and a deep knowledge of media to properly implement.

If you’re working with more than just DFP, additional tools may be required to achieve a unified ad inventory and revenue view. This added complexity can make it more difficult to plan your transition, and could result in costly mistakes during adoption.

Who can you trust?

Do you know what your team needs in a DFP sales solution? If you aren’t exactly sure, it’s a bad idea to let a software salesperson make that determination for you. By working with a consultant, you’ll get an honest assessment based on real-world media experience. They’ll help you choose the right solution, whether that’s a full suite from a third-party, or a custom-built alternative with only the features you need.

Above all, start planning your migration now. DSM’s days are numbered, and 2019 is much closer than you think.

 Silverline not only implements third-party solutions, we also offer a full DSM alternative built on the world’s most popular CRM. If you’re looking for the right replacement, we’re here to help.

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