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CalendarAnything Release Notes, Summer 2011

Silverline News

Silverline is excited to announce the Summer 2011 release of the popular app CalendarAnything! The Summer 2011 release introduces many new features and enhancements, including support for Professional Edition, Customer and Partner portals, and drag-and-drop scheduling. The following table summarizes the full list of CalendarAnything enhancements.

New Features

  • Drag-and-Drop Event Scheduling
  • Support for Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions
  • Support for Partner Portal and Customer Portal
  • Flexible Calendar width for compatibility with mobile and tablet devices
  • Optional Calendar sidebar
  • Support for IE7 and later versions

Feature Enhancements

  • Support for Calendar cloning
  • “Go To Date” Calendar shortcuts
  • Tab renamed to “Calendar” for improved usability
  • Support for rich-text fields in Calendar hovers
  • Support for formula fields in Calendar hovers
  • Filter enhancement support for null date values
  • Filter enhancement support for null picklist values
  • Updated tool tip help

Please check out more in-depth notes about each feature and ideas on how to implement these enhancements in your org after the jump:

Drag-and-Drop Event Scheduling

In Summer 2011, you can now use CalendarAnything as a drag-and-drop scheduling tool to create records of any type! Simply highlight one date on the calendar—or a whole range of dates—and CalendarAnything will prompt you to select which editable Calendar for which you wish to create a record.

Use the drag-and-drop calendar to quickly schedule items on your personal or shared calendar, like Lead Calls, Sales Opportunities, or Marketing Campaigns!



Portal Compatibility

New in Summer 2011, CalendarAnything is now available via Customer and Partner portals for any of your apps! CalendarAnything inherits standard Salesforce permissions, so if your portal users have the ability to create or edit records, they can create drag-and-drop records through the portal!
Use the drag-and-drop calendar to quickly schedule items on your personal or shared calendar, like Lead Calls, Sales Opportunities, or Marketing Campaigns!


Mobile Compatibility and Tablet Support

In Summer 2011, CalendarAnything now supports flexible full-screen width for compatibility with mobile and tablet devices. Take your Calendar to go on the device of your choice!


Calendar Sidebar Dynamic Display

Now you can choose when to display your Calendar sidebar! The CalendarAnything admin sidebar is now easily controlled via the URL parameter of “&sb=0” [hide sidebar] or “&sb=1” [display by default]!

Use this new feature in conjunction with web tabs to create unique Calendars for each app in your org.

Hide the CalendarAnything sidebar to prevent your users from hiding critical Calendars or double-booking their events.

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Andrew Bale

Hiya – we’re finding CalendarAnything very useful.

Do you have any timeline on releasing a Gantt view? Or details of what it’s likely to contain?

Our project team are very keen to use CalendarAnything for simple project tracking.


Andrew, thanks for leaving a response on our blog. As I mentioned earlier, we are looking to have a Gantt view ready by sometime in November. We will keep everyone posted!

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