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Wave Dashboards to Forecast Resource Availability

By 03.12.18
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As a business, Silverline has its own Salesforce instance just like our clients. We constantly strive to improve and innovate to stay one step ahead and solve challenges internally. We recently did an overhaul of our resource capacity process utilizing Wave Dashboards. Check out our story below:


  • A request was made by our executive team for more transparency into our capacity to deliver based on what we were forecasting for our projects.
  • The team needed a new way to visualize how many hours are allocated for our delivery roles compared to what we have in the pipeline for sales and what particular roles are needed for staffing.

Wave Dashboards to Forecast Resource Availability 3Solution

  • Our internal team identified Wave Dashboards as a customizable solution to visualize in real time how our resource bookings are trending compared to our capacity to deliver.
  • The solution clarifies what our employee capacity is by role, including scheduled new hires, versus what our anticipated delivery capacity looks like based on project schedules as well as projects in the pipeline. From this data, we can identify project trends.
  • The solution drills down as far as to filter by roles and can forecast opportunities that are likely to close and then all opportunities.


  • Utilizing Wave as a solution gives Silverline more data points than standard dashboards and is very dynamic within different groups and time periods.
  • Silverline’s senior team is using the dashboards to be better informed and make sound decisions as to when to recruit for particular roles.

Wave Dashboards to Forecast Resource Availability 4

Silverline’s senior team and operations team have a transparent view of our forecasted staff availability. It has freed up time spent tracking hours and compiling data from multiple sources.

Interested in using Wave for better insight into your business? Contact us today.

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