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Create Customizable Calendars From Any Standard or Custom Object in Salesforce

Overlay multiple Salesforce calendars

  • Quickly turn on/off the calendars on your interface; color-code calendars and easily identify what you’re viewing
  • Organize Salesforce calendars by themselves or into groups
  • Conditional coloring and color coding for easier scanning

Drag and drop

  • Simple click-to-edit, drag-and-drop interface
  • Add and edit records directly from the calendar, including cut, 
copy, edit, and clone
  • Click to add/edit records directly
  • Hover to view details
  • Click and drag to extend or move dates

Mobile Ready

View your Salesforce calendars in an agenda view, easily view, add, and edit any calendar objects right from your phone. Take advantage of our five different views.

  • Agenda
  • Day
  • Swimlane Day Grouping
  • Week
  • Month

Marketing Calendar

Use CalendarAnything to gain a holistic view of all of your marketing activities for the current year, past years, and years to come.

  • Campaign Management.  Create the Salesforce campaign calendar of your dreams. Track all campaigns and all tasks, events, and child campaigns associated with them on one calendar.
  • Tasks and Events. Track all marketing tasks associated with a campaign and create event calendars for internal planning and external exposure.
  • Content Approval Processes. Use conditional color coding to visualize content approval stages and drag and drop for due date updates.

Feature spotlight: Gannt view. Use the Gantt Chart to view multiple campaigns over an extended period of time, and identify trending information to help your organization make more informed decisions.

Learn more about creating a Salesforce campaign calendar with CalendarAnything.

campaign calendar

Resource Management

While oftentimes resources are people, they can also be equipment for a services company, rooms or venues for an event management company, and even scheduling for work schedules or project assignments. CalendarAnything can do it all.

  • People. Whether it’s for scheduling or task assignment, you can see your resource calendars side by side and use drag and drop functionality to assign records to the appropriate party. You can also drag and drop resources to assign them to different dates, projects, etc. 
  • Equipment/Resources. Schedule, track, and manage when company equipment is available, who is using it, which records it is related to and future availability.
  • Rooms. Keep track of which rooms are booked and which rooms are available. Easily reserve a specific conference/procedure room and ensure visibility across your entire organization by sharing this calendar with your entire org.

Feature spotlight: Swimlane. Use the Swimlane view to organize and group resources to see where there is availability. Drag and dropping to another swimlane section will reassign and reallocate the resource.

Learn more about CalendarAnything for Resource Scheduling and Management.

Project Tracking

Use CalendarAnything for tracking projects and all of the related approvals. View a custom Project object on the calendar then track and edit milestones directly on the calendar interface.

  • Project management. Create calendars for different projects and conditionally color based on the status. Easily view additional information about the project at a glance within the details dialog. 
  • Case tracking. See all cases related to a specific project, account, or opportunity.
  • Resource assignment. Visualize all resources assigned to a project and make changes based on availability.  

Feature spotlight: Filter Panel Search. Easily search details of a given project on the fly with the power of our Filter Panel search.

Event Scheduling

Scheduling doesn’t need to be a headache but it can be if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. With CalendarAnything, view open time slots and add appointments directly on the calendar interface.

  • Meetings. Track any meetings such as quarterly business reviews with customers, internal meetings and conferences, interviews, etc.
  • Room and venue booking. Create a calendar of different rooms or venues. You can track bookings and event management for conference room reservations to wedding venue management, and more. 
  • Training sessions. If you have internal or external training you can use CalendarAnything to display them on a calendar and have clients, employees, or contractors/visitors RSVP directly to training or events they want to attend. 
  • Volunteer events. Use CalendarAnything to display all of your volunteer events on your website so volunteers can register or sign up.
  • Reservations. Real estate agents and house hunters can book showings/walkthroughs, or schedule any tours, and virtual or in person experiences. 

Feature spotlight: Swimlane Grouping. Group your data four different ways! Group by a user list view, public group, field or custom swimlane group by, which works on any lookup field to object for better scheduling visibility.

Calendar Sharing

Easily share calendars inside and outside of your organization.

  • Internally. Embed CalendarAnything on Salesforce records.
  • Externally. Embed CalendarAnything on your website to share company events, volunteer opportunities, webinars, etc. 

Feature spotlight: Embed a dynamic calendar on a record page to only show relevant and related data of the page you are on.  For example, keep track of your pipeline for a given account by embedding an opportunity calendar on an account page to only show relevant opportunities and their closed dates.

Case Studies

Learn how these companies use CalendarAnything to improve their workflows.

Communication and access to information is vital for any modern workforce. See how CalendarAnything has drastically improved businesses in your industry.

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