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Event Scheduling and Management

with CalendarAnything

Juggling multiple schedules for busy team members, vendors, or events can be a real challenge.

Luckily, with an event management tool in Salesforce like CalendarAnything, you can schedule and manage events with ease.

With CalendarAnything, you can…

  • Visualize meetings and events from the past, present, and future with the ability to link directly with your Outlook and Google Calendars, making your Salesforce event management a breeze. 
  • Choose to see your data by day, week, month, or year. 
  • Identify trending information and make informed decisions based on real data in real-time right at your fingertips. 

While Salesforce “events” for some teams can simply be 1:1 meetings or casual team get-togethers, CalendarAnything helps you manage more than a typical meeting calendar.

Manage team availability and shift changes, no sweat

CalendarAnything gets granular with your data to track all of your schedules so you can easily visualize team availability. See what tasks need to be completed, from event registration to marketing automation tasks like sending out event surveys or payment processing.

Take advantage of our Day with Grouping calendar view, which individually divides members of your team into vertical lanes that show gaps of free time by the hour. See schedules on the go with CalendarAnything mobile and reassign events to another user with a single click.

CalendarAnything for Mobile

Plan the perfect event with venue management

Visualize everything from user conferences, fundraising events, trade shows, wedding venues, recording studios, and concert halls to VIP room bookings. CalendarAnything offers web-based or use it as a Salesforce event management app so you can plan any type of event on the go.

Book conference rooms using the CalendarAnything interface. You have total control over the fields to display within our create and edit detail popup — even creating new records straight from CalendarAnything UI. Use conditional coloring to see pertinent information at-a-glance while the search and filter panels allow you to quickly slice and dice data.


Manage talent booking and event sales

Book talent, speakers, volunteers, and more with a birds-eye view of venue and availability. Take it one step further with the Filter Panel and Filter Sets functionality to visualize venues that seat your guest list of 500+, 1000+, or more. No more worrying if you got the best venue — it’s all in one place. 

CalendarAnything gives you the confidence to make decisions quickly. 

The Filter Panel and Filter Sets can also help you see ticket sales at-a-glance. Give your box office a streamlined way of finding the best artist and event time for patrons. They can quickly define where artists or teams are performing and at which venues across geographies.


Concert Dancer

That’s the CalendarAnything advantage.A Salesforce event management tool just for you.

Manage team and attendee schedules, create project plans, and manage vendors with ease. With CalendarAnything, view open time slots and add appointments directly on the calendar interface. Event/venue management, training sessions, reservation/appointments, and volunteer event calendars are just a few of the event scheduling calendars you can create with CalendarAnything.

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