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Install & Configuration Online Guide



CalendarAnything LWC is a application that allows users to create calendar views from any Standard  or Custom objects that include a date or date/time field. This user guide covers the basic features of CalendarAnything LWC including creating calendars, editing various  settings, and understanding how to use the application. For information on how to set up more advanced features of CalendarAnything LWC that require System Administrator  access, please refer to our ADVANCED ADMIN GUIDE, available on the APPEXCHANGE.

Update CalendarAnything LWC to the latest version at anytime by clicking Get it Now on the CalendarAnything AppExchange listing. 

Technical Specifications supported editions: Fed Cloud, Gov Cloud, Enterprise, Professional, Unlimited, Developer, Essentials. users without the above editions are unable to use the app, even if CalendarAnything LWC licenses are assigned to the user.

Installing CalendarAnything LWC

Install CalendarAnything, Assign CA LWC Licenses and CA LWC Default Permission Set.


  •  Grant Access to ALL users as opposed to Admins Only.   It may take up to three minutes for Calendar to load for the first time.
  • Disable Lightning Web Security and use Lightning Locker. CA LWC does not currently support Lightning Web Security. Lightning Locker offers an equally secure solution. Additional Details on Lightning Web Security VS Lightning Locker 

Accessing CalendarAnything LWC

Learn how users can access CalendarAnything from App Launcher

Create and Edit Calendars

Learn how to Create and Edit Calendars

CalendarAnything Views

Learn about the different CalendarAnything views

CalendarAnything Features

Setup Multilevel Conditional Coloring, Filter Panels/Filter Sets/Filter Folders, Grouping Views, Printing, Global Search, Add Ons, Time zones, Offline Mode

Advanced Settings

Learn how to customize Calendars and Display Settings

Calendar Organization

Learn best practices on organizing Calendars

Grouping Views

Learn how to use Grouping Views

Embed CalendarAnything

Admin Settings

Public Groups

Learn how to configure, search and change the order of Public Groups

Clear Cache

Learn how to Clear Cache


Learn how to configure CalendarAnything Integrations



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