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How to Create an Embedded Calendar on a Record Page with Edit and Create PermissionsCategorized in Feature SetupCategorized in TroubleshootingCategorized in User Guide

To embed a Calendar directly onto a record page with CalendarAnything, a Visualforce Page must be created first.

When trying to embed a Calendar on to an Object Record page, there are certain parameters necessary to set create and edit permissions to the embedded Calendar.

The apex needed for Calendar create and edit permissions when creating an embedded calendar Visual Force Page to place on Record Page Layout is as follows.
Please copy & paste directly into the Visualforce Markup.

<apex:page showHeader=”false” showChat=”false”
standardController=”Object API Name” sidebar=”false”>
<SLCA2:calendar namespace=”SLCA2″
settings=”[‘l_ds’,’r_y’, ‘r_l’, ‘r_g’, ‘r_w’, ‘r_a’, ‘r_d’]”
urlparams=”sb=2&v=c&pv1={!Object API Name.Id}”>

The most important elements of the component are indicated in Red. You will need to change these to reflect the calendar you would like to embed.

The standardController=”Object” variable needs to match the object API name. Account, Lead, Contact and other standard objects have simple API names e.g “Account”, “Contact”. Custom objects use the API name format “Custom_Object_Name__c” e.g. “Projects_c”, “Custom_c”.

The calendar=”CalendarId” variable needs to match the Calendar Id of the calendar that you want to embed. You can copy this information from Step 1 of the Calendar Settings page in CalendarAnything. Each calendar has a unique id.


Go to Setup >> Develop >> Pages and click New 
Paste Apex into Visualforce Markup

This will create a new Visualforce Page. This Page can then be added to the record page layout
after a new section to the record page layout has been created.


On Record Page click ‘Edit Layout’ in top right corner of record >>
On Layout Edit Page >> Create a New Section for the embedded calendar on the Page Layout.
When the new section is created, drag the newly created Embedded Calendar Visualforce Page and
set the dimensions for the embedded calendar accordingly within the newly created Section Edit (wrench icon)

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