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Microsoft Teams for CalendarAnythingCategorized in LWCCategorized in Feature Setup

In this article you will learn how to:

Add Microsoft Teams in Remote Site Settings

1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup

2. Security > Remote Site Settings

3. Add Remote Site

Name: Microsoft

4. Add Remote SiteĀ 

Name: MicrosoftOnline

Login to Microsoft Teams

Go to CalendarAnything Settings Gear

Click on Integrations > Microsoft Teams Login

Click Login To MS Teams button

Enable Microsoft Team Tabs

Go to CalendarAnything Settings. Select General Settings, in Display and Layout section navigate to Add-ons display setting and enable Microsoft Teams add-on. Click Save.

Send Messages

Left click on a record within CalendarAnything

Open Microsoft Teams Tab

Choose Type, search Chat or Teams

Add Message and scroll down to send message

Logout from Microsoft Teams

Go to CalendarAnything Settings Gear > Click Integrations > Microsoft Team Login > Click Logout from MS Teams button > Save

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