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Sharing Calendars Within Your OrganizationCategorized in Feature Setup

Some organizations decide to designate a “calendar admin” who is responsible for creating calendars for the rest of the team. These calendars can then be shared with the rest of the team.

CalendarAnything utilizes Salesforce’s ‘Public Groups’ feature to make this possible. Your system administrator will first have to create public groups in Salesforce setup (ex: according to role, hierarchy, etc.).

When creating/editing a calendar, you can then decide which public groups will have visibility to the calendar in Step 6 (Restrict Visibility) of the calendar setup.

When a user opens CalendarAnything, they can go into their display settings (My Calendars>>Display Settings) and see the calendars they have available to them. (shown below). Users can then move calendars to the ‘Selected’ section to make them available on the calendar sidebar

*Note: CalendarAnything follows all permissions set in Salesforce. If a user has view only access to an object, it will be the same case in CalendarAnything. The Restrict Visibility step only controls calendar visibility, not record visibility.

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