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with CalendarAnything & RSVP

RSVP, Silverline’s CalendarAnything accelerator, allows you to create events with time, location, description,  and capacity data all in one place. Attendees register right away — when the time is right for them. No more dealing with long registration forms, messy email chains, or missed calls. Make your calendar work harder for you with RSVP.

CalendarAnything RSVP

A Salesforce event registration tool powered by CalendarAnything

Using CalendarAnything and RSVP together combines CalendarAnything’s powerful data visualization with self-scheduling online event registration that makes every aspect of your event go smoothly. With RSVP, you can:. 

  • Plan events: Create a calendar event and visualize it using CalendarAnything in real-time
  • Collaborate with teams: Share the calendar with your desired audience 
  • Make registration seamless: Allow your guest list, prospects, or clients to quickly filter by event or host type to find the right calendar event and ticket options 
  • Track performance: Automatically create a new record in Salesforce populated with information directly from the event registration — no more lost leads! 


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An event management solution for all types of events


How executive teams manage return-to-work plans and responding to COVID-19

Returning to work after the pandemic has put a major stress on HR teams. The task of determining time slots, max office capacity, and proper reporting made the journey to return to office an uphill battle. 

A Salesforce event registration tool like RSVP gives the power to the employee. Employees can self-schedule in-office working days as well as track attendance for contact tracing efforts. Limit the number of people in office, complete COVID-19 questionnaires, and generate a daily Salesforce report for the building manager to reference. 

Leveraging the Salesforce platform for our return to office initiative was imperative to the process as we wanted to ensure we had proper documentation of all attendees and their COVID questionnaires in order to adequately report and contact trace on personnel.

Missing the office and your colleagues?

Learn how Silverliners returned.

Technology Team Collaboration

How healthcare providers use RSVP to make booking appointments easy

RSVP allows patients to easily see available time slots with the ability to filter by location or other search criteria. While your patients are self-scheduling for their COVID-19 test, routine appointment or lab work, or vaccines and immunizations, Salesforce captures patient data safely and securely so you can follow up and provide appropriate care.

Doctor discussing with tablet

How nonprofit leaders connect to their volunteer and donor community

Never miss the opportunity to connect with your volunteer community with the help of RSVP. Allow your volunteers the ability to easily donate their time to your organization with the ease that self-scheduling provides. Whether you’re planning fundraising events or juggling day-to-day efforts, RSVP makes it easy.

Every volunteer gets trained, so we have multiple training sessions across national chapters and time zones. CalendarAnything is way more seamless, and it saves Project Sunshine a lot of time creating sessions. —Volunteer Engagement Director Kaitlin Garzia.

Learn how Project Sunshine connects with their community.

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Make the hiring process easy for candidates and interviewers alike

The endless back and forth of setting interviews, onboarding meetings, new hire training, and team building events doesn’t have to take up all your time. Allow your team to self-schedule with RSVP. Have your HR team set your availability and let fellow colleagues schedule a time that works for their schedule or shift. 

Learn more about resource allocation with CalendarAnything.

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The CalendarAnything and RSVP advantage

With CalendarAnything and RSVP, the possibilities are limitless. Let your audience register themselves, eliminating unnecessary clicks and confusion while Salesforce captures all the details.

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