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Capital Markets & FinTech
Innovation Summit

Meet us at the forefront of innovationDecember 3, 2020 | 12 - 5 PM EST


2020 has been a year of challenges, disruption, and great change — and it’s not over yet. This year, absolutely everything has gone digital. From shopping to school, work to entertainment, digital innovation and transformation isn’t the future, it’s the present. And everyone has to evolve.


We are inviting the brightest minds in the capital markets ecosystem, along with technology and Salesforce leaders, to share firsthand how they’ve seen companies successfully innovate, what the top opportunities are to adapt and thrive, and how you can do the same. You’ll walk away from this summit inspired and ready to leverage world-class technology to securely optimize operations so you are prepared for whatever 2021 brings. We’ll also be sharing demos from emerging data, analytics & AI firms to showcase what’s coming next.



Featured Speakers

Keynote: Agility and the Innovation Imperative

12:00 – 12:45 PM EST

In our keynote session, we will discuss how the worlds of M&A and Technology have converged over the last decade. We have learned big lessons about how the highest performing cultures in the world operate. At the heart of this dialogue is the nature of innovation: How can we apply forward the lessons of continuous innovation and agility to M&A?

Please join us in conversation with CEO, author, and media personality Kison Patel to discuss what Agile M&A means and how firms can look to tech to innovate and execute at scale.

Prompted Insights: Technology Designed to Grow the Top Line

1:00 – 1:45 PM EST

Capital markets and banking workflows are unique. While a long list of broader tools are available to increase productivity and efficiency, or improve access to data, few have the interconnected capability and success in transforming those foundational benefits into an ecosystem that drives actionable insights and prompts revenue-generating engagements across various market segments.

Join us for a lively discussion about how capital markets-specific technologies, empowered with actionable data and integrations, can accelerate your relationship management activities to optimize every interaction, opportunity, or deal – ultimately driving the top line.

The Crosshairs of Innovation: The Emerging Role of Security and Compliance

2:00 – 2:45 PM EST

Companies are leveraging Salesforce in new ways and innovating broadly on the platform to grow their businesses and increase market share. Supporting that innovation requires prodigious amounts of data, most of it sensitive in nature, to provide more personalized client experiences and market insights. How do you know if Salesforce meets your compliance requirements while allowing for robust innovation? How do you align your Salesforce implementation to your security posture? It all starts with data governance. A strong data governance program ensures appropriate controls throughout the innovation lifecycle to meet internal and external regulatory needs.

In this session, we’ll take you on a deep dive into the ways that Salesforce, the lifecycle of client data, and regulatory compliance can all effectively – and peacefully – co-exist. You’ll walk away with tangible next steps for securing your data, like classification, user access management, encryption at rest, and compliance and audit reporting. We will share top industry insights about access and data security, and what questions to ask your Salesforce team to ensure strong alignment to your firm’s security posture and innovation roadmap.

The Next Generation of Diversity and Inclusion in Finance

3:00 – 3:45 PM EST

As the world faces unprecedented times, Corporate America is under more pressure than ever to address the need for diversity, particularly at the executive and board level. The nation is in the midst of a social movement focused on racial equality, and executives must keep pace with developments in equality or they may face potential backlash. Join representatives from Equilar and Nasdaq for a presentation to discuss how companies should address the topic of diversity in light of current events.

The panel will walk through the search process and how to identify diverse and qualified candidates using the Equilar ExecAtlas database. We’ll also highlight Equilar’s groundbreaking executive and board ethnicity data campaign. Key highlights include: An investor’s perspective on the importance of diversity in the boardroom, how companies are identifying both ethnically- and gender-diverse candidates, and how enterprise relationships play a role in building a pipeline of diverse candidates.

Looking Ahead: Investing in Diversity, Ethical AI and ESG

 4:00 – 4:45 PM EST

Firms have been leveraging Salesforce to enhance operations for 20+ years, but the most innovative among them have begun to use this same tech stack to power their ESG, diversity and inclusion, and stakeholder capitalism programs.

Please join us in conversation with senior leaders from Salesforce to explore how they are investing in ethical AI, sustainable finance, and the acceleration of diversity and inclusion in pursuit of the triple bottom line.

We're honored to be joined by some of the most innovative minds in the industry. Learn more about each of the session panelists below!

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