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Black Diamond Salesforce Integration

With over a decade of assisting wealth management firms, Silverline can help streamline the advisor experience

Managing vast quantities of client accounts and all of their relevant data is no small undertaking.

Black Diamond is a wealth management platform by SS&C Advent that helps wealth managers and financial advisors handle portfolio management, rebalancing and trading, accounting, compliance, and reporting.

The Black Diamond wealth platform possesses strong core wealth capabilities, and some firms supplement it with Salesforce to handle prospecting and client engagement. With a Black Diamond Salesforce integration, investment advisors can take full advantage of both systems while maintaining a full view of customers and retaining a seamless user experience.

black diamond and salesforce integration

Benefits of integrating Black Diamond and Salesforce

Clients look to their advisory firms to create rewarding, and informative interactions. Bringing a Black Diamond Salesforce integration into your business processes helps make that happen.

Why choose Silverline?

Client information is often spread across multiple systems, which makes it difficult to update, manage, and access real-time data. At Silverline, we understand the importance of eliminating data silos and creating a single pane of glass for your advisors. This not only helps with user adoption and the user experience, but also helps improve the client experience.

Silverline is a Salesforce consulting partner with over a decade of experience assisting wealth management firms and other financial services institutions with their digital transformations. With our combined technical and industry expertise, we can design and develop a cloud-based solution that meets your needs, helping you put your focus where it needs to be: your clients’ wealth.

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