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Transcend client expectations

Pressures to streamline operations and derive more insight from analytics drive strategic technology decisions.

As the asset management industry faces ever-evolving regulatory requirements and dramatic shifts in market volatility, our hedge fund and alternatives clients face many challenges in an already complex business. These concerns are at the core of why we believe that Salesforce is the most powerful platform for Asset Management firms. Our solutions enable asset managers across the entire business development and client services lifecycle to access critical information about investors and consultants, mine data to answer pressing questions, and provide much-needed mobility across the globe.

Track Key Investor Relationships

Manage the entire lifecycle of an investor from fund marketing to client services. Track the complex relationships and aggregate investments between organizations, legal entities, account hierarchies, consultants and the clients they represent.

Streamline Operations

Onboard new investors with powerful tools to track client services, preferences, and their delegates. Extend this power through mobile devices and tablets to provide users with the data they need, wherever they are in the world.

Maximize Product and Fundraising Insight

Drive data-based decisions through robust analytics and mobile Business Intelligence tools.

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Silverline is a Salesforce Master Partner in the Financial Services Sector.

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