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Guidewire Salesforce Integration

Integrate your policy administration system with Salesforce.

Guidewire, one of the industry leading insurance platforms, helps P&C insurers manage their policies, billing, and claims, and execute core policy processes including rating, quoting, binding, issuing, endorsements, and renewals.

While Guidewire is powerful for these functions, many insurers often decide to use Salesforce as their engagement layer for interacting with prospects and policyholders. With a Guidewire Salesforce integration, you can take full advantage of both systems and deliver truly personalized and seamless experiences for your clients.

guidewire salesforce integration

Benefits of integrating Guidewire and Salesforce

Why choose Silverline?

Silverline is a Salesforce consulting partner with over a decade of experience helping insurance companies with their digital transformations. Our consultants come with first-hand experience in the insurance industry, having worked in your shoes, which helps them tailor recommendations to your business’s unique needs.

As part of our experience, Silverline has worked to integrate Guidewire and Salesforce for insurers. We also know that many of our insurance clients have multiple PAS systems, such as Duck Creek, ALIP, OIPAS, and more. We can help you integrate all of these systems to facilitate your processes and create a truly holistic customer view.

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