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Life Sciences

A connected patient journey means better outcomes for all.

Life Sciences is a complex and ever-changing industry that requires partners with industry experience who understand the ecosystem, challenges, and regulatory environment that our clients face everyday. I’ve been in their seat. It’s not an easy role. Our industry knowledge paired with our vast group of technical experts, all running on the leading Salesforce technologies, help our clients achieve their engagement goals.
Mike Knapp Director, Life Sciences

The future of Life Sciences is a truly connected patient journey

The relationship between patients, providers, specialty pharmacy, and payers is evolving to ensure personalized, end-to-end engagement. Life Sciences companies need to be able to deliver the right outcomes at the right times, with the same level of customer experience they have come to expect from non-life science, tech-savvy B2C giants.

However, the traditional Life Sciences model is under great regulatory and financial pressure across both commercialization and R&D efforts. Only those companies that embrace new technology to create efficiencies, focus, and improved ROI will excel.

We’re focused on different sectors of the Life Sciences industry

Including Medical Devices, Biotech and Pharma and growth areas such as fertility, specialty pharmacy, over-the-counter medicine, and more. One thing remains constant across all areas of Life Sciences: it’s time to deliver with intention, improve the patient experience, and effectively collaborate with key stakeholders.

Salesforce HealthCare Partner Innovator Award

Oncology-Immunology Startup

Through gene therapy, a biotech startup planned to empower patients' own immune systems to combat cancer by re-engineering patient’s T-Cells. With solutions created for such specialized needs and highly sensitive genetic materials, this client knew they needed to take the utmost precautions to meet compliance and security measures and FDA chain of custody standards. They wanted to ensure, given the sensitivity of their line of business, that technology did not get in the way of curing cancer.

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The Healthcare Digital Front Door

Patients and customers want a personalized experience tailored to where they are in the treatment journey and in a way that aligns to their communication preferences. In the balancing act between the patient/provider relationship, life sciences companies must deliver a digital-first strategy — and that’s how we can help.

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