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Marketing Cloud Personalization MVP Launch

Effectively capture and act on your media company's data

With Silverline, successfully launch a Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio) instance for your media company to effectively capture key data points of your prospects’ interaction on websites as well as segment (e.g. audience users vs. advertiser/agency clients) and act on this data within Marketing Cloud. 

Silverline configures Marketing Cloud Personalization to support the creation of a single user profile with all identities of a person across multiple systems. 

Marketing Cloud Personalization gives marketers the ability to create a personalized web experience, engage customers across multiple digital channels, and create automated AI-driven customer journeys. Increase conversions with campaigns and personalized content, retain more customers, and onboard customers with lifecycle insights and optimization.

Marketing Cloud Personalization


Where are you in your journey?

See how Marketing Cloud Personalization MVP Launch can help you create a personalized customer experience.

Our team will help your media organization prioritize marketing goals and challenges, and identify the most effective use cases that will lead to value and quick wins. We’ll then configure Marketing Cloud Personalization to support those goals — building out target audiences, creating personalized promotions, training your team, and more.

We can help you with your media roadmap, from campaign planning all the way to execution and analytics.

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