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A Day in the Life of a Silverliner: Kate Robertson

By Silverline Team 06.02.15

Who: Kate Robertson

Position: Support Manager

Employee Since: July 21, 2014

Fun Fact: There are several musically talented individuals at Silverline. Personally I am a singer-songwriter and play the piano. The idea of starting a Silverline band has been floating around the office since Thomas Lesnick mentioned how he plays drums.


Where were you prior to Silverline?

I worked at Nikon Instruments, which is the division that focuses on microscopes and biochemistry rather than cameras. I stayed at Nikon for 6 years, and was able to learn and develop my Salesforce skills there.

How did you hear about Silverline & your current position?

While I was at Nikon, working as a SalesForce Administrator,  we were looking to change SalesForce consultants, and our customer relationship manager was considering using Silverline. Even though my supervisor left Nikon to join another company, when he met with Rich Resnick, Rich told him how Silverline was hiring individuals. My supervisor told him how he knew the perfect person for the company. While he was with Rich, he contacted me for my resume, and warned me that Silverline would be reaching out to me shortly. I ended up getting hired as a Support Manager for Silverline. When I started my role in support I was coming from the client side. The positive thing about my experience is the fact that it is easier to put myself in our clients shoes.

How would you describe your average day?

Hectic, but in a good way. I enjoy being busy. At Silverline there is always a new challenge everyday. I also get to jump around and work on SalesForce for multiple companies, rather than just one. I am fortunate enough that I can switch back and forth between working from home, and in the office. Regardless of where I am working I start my day reviewing emails. Next I work on things left over from the previous day, and check to see the different meetings I have for the day, and where I need to focus my time. These meetings go back and forth between internal and customer meetings. Generally I go in each day not knowing what to expect, since everyday is different for Support. The brightside is that there is never a boring day.

How do you deal with the challenges you face working on the support team?

I am fortunate that I almost never get a phone call from a client with a problem. Typically I receive emails, and have time to asses the situation, and develop the best method  for the client going forward. Once or twice I have received calls from clients about urgent situations. When this happens the most important thing is to reassure them that we are here to help. Sometimes it ends up being a simple problem I am able to easily fix, and other times it is more complex, like a code is breaking down. When the problems are complex I often need to consult with our Technical Architects. Support Managers are a combination of Engagement Managers and Solution Architects rolled into one role. The problems I address range from development issues to billing issues. Luckily I have a team that is supportive, and can help shed light on the answers to clients questions.

What excites you to come to work everyday?

I get excited about the different types of solutions we create. It is nice to learn something different, and as a result be able to do something you never would have expected was possible on SalesForce. It is exhilarating to try to configure different ways to go about SalesForce.

What is the best part about working for Silverline?

All together the freedom we have to be who we are, and the flexibility to do what we need to get things done are my favorite things about working for Silverline. Personally, I enjoy the fact that I can work from home and adjust my schedule as needed since my commute to the office takes a couple of hours. Also within a month of being in the office I felt like I was apart of the family. Everyone has a great personality, and gets along well. It is refreshing to have a culture that is truly welcoming.

What is your favorite memory at Silverline?rmxuxyo6Y-5LhlnA5uzuxh-VMaTDpyIAP0WLZ6EvaDo

The first thing that comes to mind is the holiday party Silverline hosted. I was fortunate enough to be on the planning committee that decided the theme of the event would be the roaring 20’s. I love the fact that every month there seems to be a different event.

If you had a friend that wanted to work at Silverline and asked for advice what would you tell them?

First I would tell them to be patient since the interview process is difficult. Do not get discouraged, because the process is worth it in the end. When coming into the office it is important to be yourself. This company truly is an accepting place. One example is the fact that I can go into Rich or Gireesh’s offices anytime and let them know I need a minute to talk to them about something. Upper management is supportive, and the transparency within the company enhances our culture.


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