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CalendarAnything Success Story: Hopeworks N’ Camden

By Maggie Rupel 01.30.15

CalendarAnything helps Hopeworks N’ Camden continue their mission to educate and empower today’s youth with the Salesforce Platform.

Hopeworks ‘N Camden is a not-for-profit organization that uses education, technology, and entrepreneurship to partner with young men and women as they identify and earn a sustainable future. The Hopeworks program provides these young people, known as Hopeworks “trainees,” technology training. The trainees then put their skills to use in one of Hopeworks three business departments: implementations, website design/ development, and geographic information services.


Hopeworks runs their entire organization on the Salesforce platform. They use separate types of Opportunity records to track both their business projects and the progress of the individual trainees they support. Additionally, they use Salesforce Opportunities to track the status of their grants.
Hopeworks was generating Salesforce reports to see their project, trainee, and grant records in one location. However, only being able to view a list of the beginning and end date of these records made it difficult to assess their pipeline, plan for onboarding additional youth, and gauge their grant initiatives. Hopeworks was in need of a solution that would allow them to visualize these records on a calendar.


CalendarAnything displays Hopeworks’ project, trainee, and grant records on a calendar interface. Users are able to view and edit the records directly from the calendar. Details of each record are available by hovering over the calendar record. Additionally, users can quickly navigate to the record’s detail page by clicking on the calendar entry.

CalendarAnything is an incredibly powerful visualization tool. I love to use the Gantt Chart view to check-in on our various projects. Thanks to CalendarAnything, I no longer have to dig through lists of dates to see how projects are running.

Jeff Putthoff Executive Director, Hopeworks ‘N Cameden


With project calendars created in CalendarAnything, Hopeworks employees and their trainees can view their project work across time. It is now easier than ever for them to plan resources and make better business decisions.
Visualizing Hopeworks’ trainee records on a calendar helps their team assess their program’s bandwidth and plan for the future, allowing them to service more youth.
Being able to access grant records on a calendar allows Hopeworks employees to gauge the flow of funds and react accordingly. Thanks to CalendarAnything, Hopeworks is continuing their mission to educate and empower young men and women.

Want to learn more about CalendarAnything? Join Silverline’s VP of Products, Scott Thomas, for a live demo of the app on February 10th. Click here to register.

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