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Interested in Becoming a Salesforce Developer?

By Julia Squiers 06.04.15


Learning and development are one of our core values here at Silverline. We pride ourselves on being a company that provides opportunities for employees to grow and excel. That’s why we started Silverline Academy, a competitive program focused on training individuals to become technology consulting experts. The Academy’s developer track teaches recent graduates how to develop on the Salesforce Platform and ultimately turns them into technical architects.

This Academy experience provides individuals the opportunity to have hands-on exposure learning how to: do an end-to-end deployment of; SalesCloud and ServiceCloud applications; development services; application integration; data migration services; end-user and administrator training and more. This unique training is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Here are what some of the previous Academy Developers had to say about their experiences:

  • Kyle Lawson described how  “As a developer, the Silverline Academy has been a great place to grow not only as a consultant but also as a web developer. From the beginning, I have been given the opportunity, resources, and support to learn new technologies and development concepts and then use them on my projects. That includes javascript frameworks, databases external to Salesforce, cloud-based servers like Heroku, new tools, integration technologies, and scripting languages in addition to all of the new technologies that Salesforce has created like Lightning Connect and Lightning App Builder, Wave, and their SOAP, Tooling, and Metadata APIs, etc.”
  • Edward Rivera stated “The Silverline academy provided an excellent framework to be introduced to the Salesforce Platform and the Salesforce ecosystem.  For those with a background in web development, it offers an opportunity to learn valuable skills for consulting.  Personally, my favorite part of the academy was the guest speakers – experts at Silverline who shared with us their unique views on what challenges we would face as consultants and how we could prepare ourselves for them.”
  • Jared Kass explained how “The Silverline Academy gave me a huge leg up when starting at Silverline. The Academy focused on several areas, including getting its members fully educated on the Salesforce platform. The program teaches its developers not only how to work with the Salesforce platform, but also how to consult. Going through the Academy, a developer learns the technical expertise to build any solution from the ground up. One key lesson I learned was how to leverage configuration to provide those solutions without custom development. The Academy shines by helping prepare its members to become excellent consultants.”
  • Gordon Arnold mentioned how “The Academy was a huge asset to my success as a consultant. Coming in as a developer, this experience not only helped improve my development skills but also enhanced my skills as a consultant. Development is a skill that has become easier to learn with the explosion of web learning content in recent years. Joining the academy provided the opportunity to learn through real-life experience and scenarios. This opportunity also allowed me to familiarize myself with situations like interacting with clients in tough situations, delivering a product of the utmost quality, and learning how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our team and use them to our advantage. The Silverline Academy prepared me for situations that could not be taught by reading an article or a book.”

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