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Salesforce Investor Event Recap: Customer & Partner Perspectives

By Lindsay Lelivelt 07.18.19

Silverline’s CEO, Gireesh Sonnad, recently spoke at the Salesforce Investor Event: Customer & Partner Perspectives on July 10. The half-day event was co-hosted by KeyBanc Capital Markets and featured three panel discussions: two customer panels and a partner panel. Salesforce’s own Polly Sumner, Chief Adoption Officer, and Kori O’Brien, SVP, Alliances, were guest speakers at the event. 

Sonnad provided industry insight as one of Salesforce’s chosen partners. The partner panel was framed partly around the cloud. The moderator, Brent Bracelin of KeyBanc Capital Markets, confirmed that while we’ve all been talking about the cloud for about 15 years, we’re excited to talk about it even more. 

It’s been a long journey to recent cloud innovations, from the birth of Saas to the launch of AWS to present day — where the industry itself is experiencing growth at scale. Bracelin noted that as we modernize and revolutionize verticals, the cloud is always going to be a talking point, especially as mainstream enterprise adoption of the cloud continues to grow.

Verticals and specialization

Silverline has always had a focus on the financial services and health and life sciences industries. With the addition of industry solutions like Financial Services Cloud and Health Cloud, our specialized expertise can be used in more customized ways.

“Salesforce’s ability to dive into that and double down on industry verticals and provide industry specialization has only helped us in our conversations. When you think about the fact that we can now go to market with Health Cloud as a foundation, and that being a great baseline to build from (that is also holistic across the health industry) — it allows us to get to value faster,” said Sonnad.

Building on top of Financial Services Cloud and Health Cloud allows us to work with a great foundation that is already aligned to our customer needs. And as the platform continues to grow, we can offer more services to our customers and have more runway for growth. 

With the addition of new products and features like AI, MuleSoft, the Tableau acquisition, etc., we can build more custom solutions and do more for the unique industries we serve. New levels of customization and more niche solutions enable us to target those we hadn’t before and better serve our customers.

Speaking their language

When the platform is built to serve the specific industry using it, the conversation becomes so much easier.

“In our experience, if we’re not talking in the language of the customer we’re trying to stand in front of — then we’re not resonating, and the message isn’t getting through. So then they’re unable to see how they can realize the value,” said Sonnad. “For example, a CEO of a hospital system — they are thinking they need to increase quality of care, they need to think about regulatory changes. And the technology [involved in accomplishing that] is the last thing on their minds. We need to talk to them in the language they’re thinking about, and how they’re going to be helping their business.”

At Silverline, we want our customers’ experience and the solutions we provide to drive transformative change. We do that not only with expertise in the technologies that will help them succeed, but also in aligning ourselves to industries with distinct practice directors and industry experts.

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