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Silverline and DealRoom Announce New Strategic Partnership

By Jiordan Castle 04.22.19

Press Release

Silverline, a Salesforce Platinum Partner headquartered in New York City, and DealRoom, a diligence management software for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), announced a new strategic partnership to address the long-standing need for a full lifecycle solution for complex financial transactions through intuitive project management.

Key phases of M&A, such as due diligence and integration, are continuously and notoriously conducted on ill-fitting platforms like Excel and email. The partnership between Silverline and DealRoom will enable more efficient, collaborative and people-driven M&A by providing practitioners with a better way to manage deals through project management software. By optimizing Salesforce integration with Silverline, DealRoom aims to provide M&A professionals with meaningful process solutions, resulting in more successful deals.

“The corporate finance industry is increasingly turning to project management software as a way to streamline the intensive, document-heavy deal process,” says the CEO and Founder of DealRoom, Kison Patel. “DealRoom allows integration with Salesforce so that practitioners may easily centralize their many efforts, Silverline is better enabling this transition and ensuring we provide the best service to our clients through consultation.”

This partnership gives M&A practitioners that ability to maximize value creation through technology that eliminates common inefficiencies and enables a clear focus on strategic, goal-driven activity throughout the deal’s entire lifecycle.

“By partnering with DealRoom, we’re enabling our clients to streamline the deal process and more efficiently, strategically manage their operations,” says Gireesh Sonnad, CEO and Co-Founder of Silverline. “In the past, financial services companies have relied on redundant or time-consuming documentation methods. This partnership allows clients to get the industry expertise and software solutions they need to be most effective.”

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