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Silverliners Celebrate 5 Year Anniversaries

By Silverline Team 06.25.15

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Since Silverline was founded in late 2009 with a just handful of employees, the company has continued to grow and thrive. Now that we have reached the five year mark there are several amazing individuals that we want to recognize for their dedication and hard work over the last five years. Janet Carlson, Greg Grinberg, Kai Hsiung, Eric Nelson, Melissa Nelson, and Nicole Widder are all celebrating their five year anniversaries with the Silverline. Below are a few things they wanted to share about their experiences:

What has your experience been at Silverline?

  • Janet Carlson, Finance Manager: I was the first employee at Silverline! I have known Rich since he was an intern at Northeastern University, and I worked for both Rich and Gireesh (Silverline’s co-founders) individually doing their accounting before they joined forces to create Silverline. It has been incredible to witness their expertise and commitment as the company has grown and become so successful.  For me the experience of being in on the ground floor and an integral part of the growth has been really exciting and challenging.
  • Greg Grinberg, Technical Architect: It has been interesting and exciting to watch the company grow.  A five person company is very different than one with over a hundred employees. Luckily, over the past five years we have managed to maintain our culture, while we grew up as a company.

What has kept you at Silverline?

  • Eric Nelson, Practice Director: It has been a great place to work with people I enjoy. There is a tremendous amount of support from everyone on the team. I love the culture of the company, especially the flexibility to make your own decisions. There are continually new challenges that have kept me entertained and engaged in the work that I do.
  • Nicole Widder, Principal Consultant: One thing that has been important for me is Silverline’s emphasis on the company’s culture. Having support internally through difficult situations has also been helpful. There is a strong sense of commitment, and teamwork which has lead to an environment where people are happy to reach out and help each other. Silverline is a definitely a tight knit family.

What have been some of your biggest accomplishments and favorite memories while here?

  • Melissa Nelson, VP Professional Services: My biggest accomplishment has been growing the team and watching everyone improve along the way. The team has learned a lot from the ups and downs involved in every project. I have been able to develop many interpersonal skills through the project management work I have been involved in. Silverline built a supportive infrastructure, that has lead to a system where I can support individuals who are supporting others, rather than me supporting everyone.
  • Kai Hsiung, Chief Revenue Officer: One of the best memories I will always have is being nostalgic about when Silverline was a young company that started in one tiny room in SoHo with less than 10 employees. The experiences we had allowed us to form a strong culture that continues to influence the company today. Another memory I have is from 2011. When we finally released a working version of CalendarAnything, Silverline sponsored our first CloudForce event in NYC (precursor to Salesforce World Tour).  Marc Benioff visited our booth and picked up some of the brochures we had on CalendarAnything.  He looked at me and said, and I quote, “customers actually want to buy this?”  Two years later, CalendarAnything became the #1 calendar application for Salesforce, with over 100K users. Silverline has provided a surplus of great moments, which have lead to many cherished memories.

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