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Use CalendarAnything to Schedule your Events and Conferences

By Jill Harrison 04.19.11

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about how you can build a dynamic calendar to manage your volunteer opportunities in Salesforce. After a lot of great feedback (thanks, Salesforce Foundation!), this week we’re taking a look at how to use those same dynamic calendars for scheduling conference events and sessions using Cloudforce NYC 2011 as an example! Labs has a handy app for event management called Eventforce, which you can grab from the AppExchange for free. And layering on CalendarAnything takes it to the next level and makes it easy to create custom calendars to show Sessions by Track, Sessions by Room, or even all sessions for the Event!

Creating the Event

First things first, I created a record called Cloudforce NYC 2011 as the central portal for my Event and added all the specifics about the target attendance, event vision, and budget for my conference:

[click to enlarge]

Creating the Venue and Adding Rooms

Once I created the Event, I added its confirmed Venue, which was the Javits Center in NYC this year. I also added related records for each of the rooms in which I planned to schedule breakout sessions:

[click to enlarge]

Creating Tracks and Scheduling Sessions

After creating entries for the rooms, I first created two tracks (the Service Cloud track and the Developer track) and then started scheduling out my sessions and relating them to their appropriate track and level of expertise. I also tentatively assigned them to rooms so I can go back later and make sure I haven’t double-booked any single resource room!

[click to enlarge]

Building and Viewing Event Calendars

And finally, after I have created the sessions for my event, I can build calendars to visualize my entire event! In the example below, I’ve built calendars by track so that I can see how users interested in the Developer track might engage with my event schedule. I could also build calendars by resource room to easily spot double-booked rooms or double-booked speakers!

And if you want to get even fancier, stay tuned for how you can roll out CalendarAnything to your partners via the Salesforce partner portal!

[click to enlarge]

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