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What myTrailhead Can Do for a Learning and Development Strategy

By Sarah Risen Robertson 05.15.19

Last week I attended my first ever Salesforce event: the Salesforce World Tour in New York! I was invited to speak at the session Trailhead and myTrailhead: Create a Culture of Learning at Your Company with Kris Lande and Sarah Capparusso, where I shared my experiences around implementing myTrailhead for Silverline and talked about the impact it’s had on our company. And as a bonus — it was also just a really cool experience.

What myTrailhead Can Do for a Learning and Development Strategy 1

Click the screenshot to watch our interview in the Trailhead zone of Salesforce’s World Tour NYC


My Salesforce journey really started three and a half years ago when I started at Silverline. Currently, I’m the Director of Learning and Development at Silverline, where I focus on the strategic direction of internal learning programs. My incredible L&D team — Jon Starling, Content Strategist and Sean Ward, Instructional Designer — are with me every step of the way and together we aim to create a best-in-class learning experience, which absolutely includes myTrailhead.

Silverline’s Internal Journey with myTrailhead

Investing in learning and enablement with myTrailhead was a strategic decision but ultimately an easy one. One of Silverline’s Core Values is “We’re always learning.” Learning is part of our DNA as a company and as a Salesforce-first company, myTrailhead was a natural fit for us.

We had two main challenges as a company that we thought myTrailhead could help solve. The first is that we’re a mostly remote company and creating remote-friendly options for learning is extremely important. The second is that we’re a fast-growing company and are constantly on-boarding new employees (a fun “problem” to have!). So we asked ourselves: How can we provide an engaging learning experience for our remote employees and also scale our onboarding with a small L&D team?

The answer is myTrailhead! The impact has already been tremendous. On Day one, every new employee gets assigned the New Hire Trailmix on myTrailhead. This first touch through myTrailhead allows us to share our unique voice as a company and helps us build trust with them.

Big-Picture Benefits of Implementing myTrailhead

MyTrailhead has also allowed us to completely overhaul our in-person new hire orientation at our New York headquarters, which every single new hire attends. We were able to transform our orientation, moving from informational (i.e., choose benefits, log in to this system) to a true cultural immersion (e.g., build relationships, connect to our core values). We’ve been able to put a lot of that informational and introductory cultural information into myTrailhead and use the in-person time to make deeper connections with colleagues and the company.

The response from our employees has been stellar. Our employees love the micro learning nature of the experience and say it makes learning fun. One recent new hire said of the onboarding process:

Very informative content explaining what Silverline does, company culture, engagement process with customers, and so much more. Very impressed.”

Long term, myTrailhead will be the centerpiece of our Learning & Development learning strategy. In fact, we’re already designing our content around the capabilities and experience of myTrailhead.

Silverline’s myTrailhead Implementation Team:

  • Lizz Hellinga, Manager, Sales Enablement and Effectiveness; Salesforce MVP
  • Sarah Risen-Robertson, Director, Learning & Development
  • Jon Starling, Content Strategist
  • Brian Waterson, Software Strategy & Integration Systems Director
  • Sean Ward, Instructional Designer


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