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Webinar Replay: RSVP, a New Solution Powered by CalendarAnything

This past week, we hosted a webinar to review updates to CalendarAnything and its new accelerator, RSVP. With this addition, the #1 Calendaring App on the AppExchange has only gotten better. Now you can enjoy all the great features of CalendarAnything within one scheduling solution. Our RSVP accelerator for CalendarAnything allows your prospects, clients, or team to RSVP to calendar events.

Finding time to speak to the correct person at the correct time — when they have their calendar in front of them — can be difficult. Save time by allowing prospects, customers, and clients to find and select a time that works best with their schedules. RSVP works seamlessly with CalendarAnything: once an RSVP is received, a record will be created in Salesforce. It can then be viewed within CalendarAnything for a holistic view of all meetings. Allow your attendees, prospects, and clients to quickly filter by the person or event they are trying to schedule.

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Interested in streamlined scheduling? See what CalendarAnything and RSVP can do for you.

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