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Grab a cup of coffee and check out Silverline!

By 06.01.18
Reading time: 2 minutes

We did it! We hit 100! No, I’m not talking about the weather in New York City (just yet), I’m talking about our Coffee Buddies Channel on Slack! Slack is a collaboration hub that brings employees together with the right information and tools to get work done. Silverliners use Slack to communicate internally on projects, within their teams, and to stay connected to one another.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘a group devoted to coffee? – sign me up!’ However, it’s not quite like that, although coffee is encouraged. Coffee Buddies was implemented earlier this year as a Silverline social community through the Donut App via Slack. On Monday mornings, the app takes everyone in the channel and pairs them up with their “coffee buddy” for the week. Buddies can meet using video chat via Zoom if they work remotely or in person for a short get-together during the workday. Yes, it’s that simple and so much fun! Plus, it makes Monday mornings that much better.

I receive feedback every week from Coffee Buddies saying how much they appreciate being able to meet other Silverliners outside of their projects. Silverline is growing and a majority of Silverliners work remotely, so I created this community seeking team cohesion in order to help connect our large and dispersed workforce.

I have heard over and over from Silverliners how they now look forward to Monday morning because they are able to feel more connected to the greater Silverline community! This has been one of my biggest projects at Silverline and I am ecstatic to be able to tell everyone how well it is doing. I am beyond happy that Silverliners are enjoying this fun experience with me and I look forward to the future of Coffee Buddies!

P.S. Here are some fun stats about coffee buddies. Since the beginning of Coffee Buddies, we have had 476 intros made. Out of these intros, there have been 354 conversations started and 375 confirmed meetings! That’s a whole lot of coffee!

Grab a cup of coffee and take a look at our open career opportunities.

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