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Mental Health Month: How We Replace Stigmas with Support at Work

By 05.24.19
Reading time: 2 minutes

May marks Mental Health Month nationwide. Started in 1949, this month-long theme exists to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, to shed light on the spectrum of mental health, to promote help-seeking behavior, and to focus on wellness activities. As someone with anxiety and depression, this kind of signal boost makes me feel more accepted and less embarrassed about the state of my own brain — particularly at work.

I’m relatively new to the Silverline team, but in thinking about what I wanted in my next career opportunity, mental health support was definitely on my list. I’m happy to say that Silverline did not disappoint. Every day, Silverline puts an emphasis on the well-being of its team members. Be it through policies, benefits, perks, or people: here are all the small and big ways I feel supported at work.


Great insurance coverage

All full-time employees are provided a medical, dental, and vision plan, including coverage for dependents. We’re also offered Life and AD&D Insurance coverage. This insurance helps other Silverliners and me to afford the medications, therapy, and treatment we need to stay well.


EAP support

Our confidential employee assistance program provides guidance for personal issues and other concerns that affect life outside of work. We get unlimited free phone consultation with an EAP counselor 24/7, and we can get referrals to local counselors with up to three sessions free of charge per year.


Silverline Sits

This daily meditation in the early afternoon brings Silverliners together in one room (and one Zoom conference chat) to sit and reflect along with a guided Headspace meditation. It’s just fifteen minutes or so, but it’s a great chance to sit with my thoughts and take some deep, calming breaths.


Unlimited Vacation

Silverline offers unlimited vacation to all employees. And people here actually take their days off  — for vacation, sick days, and days to recharge. It’s so nice to work somewhere where the emphasis on balancing work, life, and wellness is put into practice.



Mental health and physical health often go hand in hand, so Silverline partners with Exubrancy to bring wellness into our NYC headquarters. With quarterly meditation sessions and on-site massages, along with office yoga twice weekly, both body and mind get a lot of TLC. And aside from the massages, all other wellness activities are accessible for satellite employees via Zoom. So we can work and Zen out at home, too.


People first

A good friend once told me that he approaches each person and every situation with empathy, because you never know what someone else is going through. From grief to depression, anxiety to mania — many people’s hardships aren’t readily apparent in the workplace. Mental wounds don’t show the same way physical ones do. I took his outlook to heart, and I’m glad Silverline does too.

Find resources for everyday mental health needs from Mental Health America. And check out our Careers page for opportunities at a company that cares about wellness every month of the year.

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