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Silverline Office Tour: Orlando

By 08.30.19
Reading time: 4 minutes

For the next stop in our Office Tour series, I chatted with three of Florida’s finest to see what makes The Sunshine State so great.

First, the players. Zach Baker is a Change Readiness and Management Consultant. Barb Brandon is a Sr. Engagement Manager. Danielle Laffey is a Principal Insurance Consultant. And to the best of our collective knowledge, none of them have even been a featured Florida Man or Florida Woman in the news.

Silverline Office Tour: Orlando's Salesforce SwagWhat do you love most about your role, and working at Silverline? 

BB: My role is always changing and challenging! I get to help teams collaborate and deliver. The ability to work remotely when I am not onsite with my clients is my favorite thing about my job. I can wake up and put my hair in a bun and hit the ground running when I am remote!

ZB: I love getting to solve interesting issues alongside amazing fellow Silverliners.

DL: I love helping clients succeed by bringing knowledge and new technology information to them. And I love the flexibility that Silverline offers.

Why is Orlando, Florida, an important place for Silverline?

ZB: It serves as a central location for our large, state-wide base of Silverliners, which is approaching 20 people! We have teammates all over the state, from the Greater Miami area to Naples/Ft. Myers, up to Tampa, and across to the Space Coast.  

BB: If you are able to base remote and travel from home it is a state tax-free state — a great benefit for employees.

DL: Tampa is one of the largest hubs for Salesforce in Florida. The lifestyle captures the spirit of Ohana.

What’s one thing that surprises people about your city?

ZB: Orlando is so much more than Disney and theme parks —- from our countless lakes to an impressive food scene and countless other venues like the Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Science Center, and Orlando City Soccer Stadium. Orlando has a lot to offer.

BB: There is actually a nightlife if you look for it!

DL: Almost everyone is a transplant from the Midwest or Jersey.

What’s unique about your city and its residents? 

DL: I live in a little beach community outside Tampa, home of one of the top five beaches in Florida. It’s a small city vibe but you can get to city life in less than 20 minutes. My town is nicknamed Dog Eden. Dogs are allowed everywhere, which I love.

BB: It is very seasonal due to being directly on the West Coast of FL and by the beach. There is a mix of retired people and folks still working. The crowd of folks still working seems to be growing every year.

Silverline Office Tour: Orlando Kitchen

What is the atmosphere of the coworking space? 

ZB: Our private office is calm and quiet, with a direct view of City Hall and the magnificent Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Well, the aforementioned is true when the Xbox isn’t on. It’s a terrific location to meet up with colleagues, collaborate via intense whiteboard sessions on our glass wall, and enjoy the great coffee, food, and snacks that Industrious provides on a daily basis.

What is the best food within walking distance of the office?

ZB: We have a Wahlburgers right around the corner, plus a number of options down at the Church Street Station.   Silverline Office Tour: Orlando Window

If I needed coffee, where should I go?

ZB: Foxtail Coffee is the best local roaster in town, although if you find yourself out by UCF, Vespr is a good option as well.

BB: Starbucks girl here.

If someone had only 24 hours in your city, what would you recommend they see and where would you recommend they dine? 

BB: Paddleboard and see amazing giant sea turtles, manatees, dolphins. It’s super peaceful. My favorite restaurant is in downtown Naples on 5th Avenue called Bha Bha.

ZB: Kayak or paddleboard at the Causeway and eat Grouper Tacos at Frenchy’s. Downtown shops, the beach, take a dolphin tour, go to the sponge docks, catch a sunset at the marina.

What is a typical workday like for you?

BB: I like to wake up super early and get my day started before meetings. I get some real planning and prep done starting around 7 a.m.

DL: I work from home. My office overlooks my pool.

BB: Oh, I work at my dining room table with an extra monitor which I put away nightly. There are two big windows, so lots of natural light. In the cooler season, October-May, I take my laptop out on my lanai, which is on a lake, so it is very peaceful.

Name three things you couldn’t do without in order to work most effectively:

ZB: Coffee. Noise-canceling headphones. Did I say coffee yet?

DL: Dual monitors, virtual meetings, and coffee.

BB: Slack! A super stable laptop, and of course — internet!

How do you stay in touch with other Silverliners?

ZB: Slack and Zoom are the easiest ways to keep in contact with other Satellite Silverliners, although I love to meet up with other Silverliners should I be traveling to their area on a work project. 

DL: Coffee chats via Zoom.  

BB: Slack social channels.

OK, so what’s your favorite Slack channel? 

DL: #team_delivery or #solutionarchitect

ZB: #floridians 🙂  

BB: #floridians! We make fun of where we live. All the great mugshots come out of FL!



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