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CalendarAnything LWC Brings New Functionality and Zoom Integration

By 10.06.21
Reading time: 2 minutes

Silverline, creator of the #1 Salesforce calendar app, CalendarAnything, announced today that their Lightning Web Component now integrates with Zoom, making Salesforce calendar sharing easier than ever before. “A CalendarAnything integration with Zoom streamlines how your team schedules, starts, and manages their meetings directly from CalendarAnything UI in Salesforce,” said Lina Tsin, Director of Product at Silverline. “We consistently heard from our clients that they were tired of having to create a Zoom meeting outside of Salesforce and then add those details in. As CalendarAnything’s main goal is to streamline processes and make sharing Salesforce calendars easier, it was an investment in the product we knew we had to make.”

CalendarAnything allows businesses like yours to see a high level overview or to get into the details — all on one screen. Track marketing campaigns, projects, resources, events, and more. It’s completely customizable to exactly what your organization needs, whether you’re managing a team of two or coordinating hundreds. 

Additional CalendarAnything Lightning Web Component Functionality that has been rolled out since May 2021 Launch: 

  • Multilevel Conditional Coloring: Visualize up to three different fields each with their own conditional color formatting for the ability to visualize and make decisions at a glance. 
  • Export to Excel: Export calendars with color coding and details to Excel from any of the CalendarAnything views. 
  • Download as .ICS File: Download a CalendarAnything calendar as an .ics file to share or quickly add it to your Apple, Google or Outlook calendar. 

These updates take the already easy-to-use functionality like creating and editing, time zone management, grouping, dynamic search, print, and more to the next level. Sort and filter data based on how you want to use it so CalendarAnything works for you, with six different customizable views: Day, Week, Month, Agenda, Swimlane, and Gantt. Read more about the specific CalendarAnything features here.

CalendarAnything Lightning is available for download on the AppExchange here.

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