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CalendarAnything Streamlines Schedules for Full Swing

By 02.20.20
Reading time: 2 minutes

Full Swing Simulators started in 1986, and is now the largest US-based producer of multi-sport simulators, and the official simulator partner of Golf Channel & Topgolf SwingSuites. As their business grew, the need for a more robust scheduling system grew, too. Full Swing selected Silverline’s CalendarAnything solution, the #1 Salesforce custom calendar app, to help solve their scheduling woes.

CalendarAnything eliminates extra data entry

“There was a large amount of duplicate work occurring with our previous calendar system — the Client Services team was entering dates in three different systems in order to keep track of everything. Using CalendarAnything removed the redundancy and allowed them to track what has already been entered without having to duplicate it onto another calendar,” said Kristie Allison, Senior Manager of Technology at Full Swing.

Allison’s main focus at Full Swing is the development of Salesforce, its add-ons, and consolidating systems into Salesforce. To reduce redundancies across the board, Full Swing selected CalendarAnything to support its scheduling needs.

Implementation and beyond

“It took us about four to six weeks to get CalendarAnything implemented and refined. There were a lot of very specific ways the team wanted to view the calendar layout and we were able to work through those and provide what they wanted to see,” Allison said.

“The best part is that it takes every date we want to track and consolidates them into one main calendar. The flexibility of the different views allows each person to be able to use the calendar in a way to best get their job done. Additionally, now that it is on the Salesforce platform, the team doesn’t have to switch between different programs. They can remain working in Salesforce,” Allison continued. “I called in for support a couple of months into our time using CalendarAnything, to get help on a particular view and get instruction on different settings available, and my rep was extremely helpful in getting me what I needed.”


Looking to improve your scheduling capabilities? Check out CalendarAnything on the AppExchange.

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