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How CalendarAnything LWC Saves Teams More Time

By 12.21.21
Reading time: 5 minutes

With remote work blurring the line between home and the office, you have to be especially mindful of how you’re managing time for your team members. 

CalendarAnything is the #1 calendar app on Salesforce’s AppExchange because it saves time, helping companies better coordinate campaigns, optimize resources, and keep their projects on track, on time, and on budget. An advanced visualization tool for Salesforce data, CalendarAnything gives users and admins the ability to create calendars from any custom standard or external object, as long as a day or daytime field is referenced. 

CalendarAnything Lightning Web Component (LWC) has additional functionality and features, with an updated UI that is both modern and intuitive. We’ve streamlined the product for admins — the mobile and desktop versions are now maintained within a single application — and improved the user and admin experience with redesigned wizards that include help text, so they don’t have to refer back to the admin and user guides.

Keep reading for a breakdown of all the new features that supercharge your Salesforce calendar with the power of Lightning.  

Customized themes and branding

The latest release of CalendarAnything has some exciting new functionality. We now support Lightning design tokens, allowing your organization to leverage the branding and style of your choosing within native Salesforce and in digital experiences.

You’re able to access preset themes that Salesforce already set up, as well as create your own theme with your specific branding. All it takes is a few clicks to change the theme, and CalendarAnything will automatically update with that branding.

Zoom integration 

CalendarAnything is helping teams collaborate better than ever before with our new integration to Zoom. You can not only create, manage, and start Zoom meetings straight from CalendarAnything UI, but also be able to report off of it.

No more doubling your work by creating your meetings in Outlook or Google Calendar and then turning right back around and putting it into Salesforce. You can create a new record and add a Zoom meeting straight from CalendarAnything UI, which provides full conference details and allows you to manage the meeting and join from within the platform. 

If you’re using event objects, you can take it one step further. By using the attendees functionality native to salesforce, you can send an invite to anybody with an email address within Salesforce. If you have all of the proper settings within Salesforce, you can fill out a template that will automatically send emails once you have this information.

You’re also now able to report off of those meetings. If you have an SDR setting meetings, you’ll be able to track the reports directly within Salesforce.

Three ways to view your calendar

CalendarAnything now has the capability to leverage queue functionality within Salesforce, enabling more effective case management with three different views: Day Grouping, Gantt, and Swimlane. 

Day Grouping

In the above example, you can see the Sales Support queue in the far left column, and then each of the resources after. This is great because you’re able to not only visualize, but drag and drop and reassign.  

As a case manager, you have the option to either drag and drop to the resources that are necessary, or you can pull it back to the Sales Support queue and have your resources pick up these particular cases when they see fit. 


With Gantt view, you’re able to group and see information over long periods of time, whether it’s a month, a quarter, or a decade.

The example above shows your sales support queue and resources, as well as color coding that reveals the origin of the case. You can holistically see who is in your queue, who has things assigned to them, and the types of cases they are.


The horizontal Swimlane view has sales support listed at the top, with all of your resources underneath. It’s similar to the Day Grouping, but it shows more days at once, so you can easily move cases and allocate resources as needed.

Multi-level conditional coloring

With added functionality that allows for multi-level conditional coloring, you can now make decisions at a glance and on the go. CalendarAnything allows you to visualize up to three different fields, each with their own conditional coloring formatting.

Here you’re able to see opportunities I’ve conditionally colored. The first is our stage field and the second is the amount field. If I have an opportunity that meets the criteria of being over a million dollar deal, then I am going to have it conditionally color green. You’ll see that the two opportunities on the right are both in a stage of Proposal/Price Quote and also over a million dollars. 

For campaigns, I have three levels of grouping/conditional color toggled: the status, the type of campaign, and who owns that campaign. This allows you to make decisions without having to actually click into the record to see additional information.

Create new opportunities

Another great piece of functionality is the ability to create new opportunities within Gantt view. Just click on a date box for the associated account and a window will appear with a fully customizable form that automatically pulls in the account name and opportunity owner. Push save to create the record, which will now appear in your calendar with conditional coloring. 

Transform your Salesforce calendar with Silverline experts

Want to see CalendarAnything in action? Check out our on-demand webinar, Harness the Power of Lightning with CalendarAnything, featuring a full demonstration of these new features and more. 

 In addition to creating really cool products on the AppExchange, Silverline is one of the largest Salesforce consulting partners, with over 1400 Salesforce implementations and projects since 2009, across healthcare, financial services, and media and entertainment industries. If you’re interested in learning more about our professional or managed services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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