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Implementing CalendarAnything Helps Vogelzang Law Organize Important Dates

By 11.18.22
Reading time: 2 minutes

Vogelzang Law is a Chicago-based law firm dedicated to representing and advocating for individuals diagnosed with cancer as a result of asbestos exposure. With 20 years of experience in asbestos and mesothelioma litigation, Vogelzang Law has the specialized knowledge and resources needed to litigate complicated cases and the compassion to advocate wholeheartedly for its clients.

Keeping track of many dates is a challenge

The nature of Vogelzang Law’s business means there are lots and lots of calendar dates constantly in circulation. But keeping the dizzying amount of data on dates organized had been a real challenge.

Vogelzang Law’s Salesforce environment is roughly eighty to ninety percent custom-built. But with a custom build comes multiple options to track anything and everything. And as Vogelzang Law’s Salesforce platform became more complex, its simple date-tracking fields were not cutting it. Vogelzang Law wanted the ability to represent its calendar dates in a visually engaging way and give those dates meaning in a contextual and organized format for its end users.

CalendarAnything’s visualization improves organization

The Salesforce team at Vogelzang Law found CalendarAnything on the Salesforce AppExchange. Vogelzang customized CalendarAnything to the needs across the firm, and the platform is predominantly leveraged by the litigation, bankruptcy, and marketing departments.

The functionality within CalendarAnything has helped the Vogelzang Law teams improve their processes:

  • Agenda view is used on an everyday basis to track important dates related to a case, such as weekly meetings. CalendarAnything is applied in a type of to-do list capacity for employees to reference and see what is upcoming for the week or which projects have been completed.
  • Color coding helps teams stay organized by visually delineating specific deadlines from each other. For example, a motion that needs to be heard gets one color, whereas a trial call gets a different color. Dynamic color changing is used for changes in status, such as a completed project moving from red to green.
  • Individualized calendars allow users to log in and only see a calendar view related to a legal case they are assigned to. Convenient custom filters provide the ability to see other cases as needed.
  • Dynamic filters on individual records are beneficial for users to explore a specific case or litigation matter and only see the items pertinent to that record.
  • Sponsored events for union outreach are easily tracked by the marketing and PR department using CalendarAnything.

A big step forward for calendar performance

David Holtzer and Jack Saxe-Staral are certified Salesforce Administrators and Data Analysts/System Administrators at Vogelzang Law, where they built a custom case management system in Salesforce to the firm’s specifications.

Holtzer said, “As we started building out Salesforce in ways that would improve the experience for everyone, CalendarAnything was a big step forward for the end users and us to keep everyone organized.”

Saxe-Staral thinks that having a visualization tool like CalendarAnything has helped improve Salesforce user adoption at Vogelzang Law, especially when considering the importance of what the firm does.

“With the amount of data that we’re dealing with, staying organized is not an easy thing to do,” said Saxe-Staral. “But a missed deadline for us isn’t like a missed sale. There are serious consequences of messing up a client’s life because of a missed trial date or a deposition, which can’t always be easily fixed.”

Learn more about what CalendarAnything can do for your organization.

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